Assignment: Prototype

Create a prototype of your exploration game.

It must include:

The final controls and camera behavior

All the interactables on the scene

A general layout of the level: it can be one or more sketches imported and used a placeholder or it can be made of primitive sprites.

There should be colliders, i.e. elements that block your movements, if they are important for the experience (eg a maze).

The game logic: puzzles, variables and conditions defined in Ink, activation and deactivation functions

A placeholder soundtrack to establish the mood

Is doesn’t have to include:

Final graphics: everything visual should be a placeholder

Final writing: you can use placeholder text like “the old man tell you to go east”

Final sound.

Practical Questions

Real time movement or not?
What are the conceptual and thematic implications of this choice? How does it change your art asset creation?
Goodbye Volcano High
80 Days

If no movements, do you have an avatar?
Is there a character representing you? Is it in first person? From the God’s eye view?
Venti mesi – 20 months (multiple avatars)
Everything is going to be ok (vignettes/interface)
Hidden folks (hidden object puzzle)

Side view or top view?
What can you do better from each view?
A short hike

Fixed camera or moving camera?
How is it going to impact your asset creation?
Machinarium (mostly fixed)
The Good Gardener