Reading: Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities PDF

Invisible Cities is a 1972 book by Italian writer Italo Calvino. It is structured in short chapters describing 55 imaginary cities, relating to various philosophical themes, and influenced by semiotics, post-modernism, and folk tales.

Read at least 10 chapters from Invisible Cities and pick one to adapt into a game.
Feel free to read non linearly, randomly or by following certain thematic groups or chapters.
For the purpose of this assignment you can also skip the intermissions in italics (the dialogues between Kublai Khan, and Marco Polo).

When you find a city that intrigues you, make an illustration inspired by it.

Keep in mind this is just a starting point, a way to think about worldbuilding and environments beyond established genres and character-driven storytelling.

You are free to adapt it as loosely as you can! You won’t be evaluated on your faithfulness to the original material.