Expressive Environment

Can a space tell a story? Can architecture be expressive? Can virtual environments be something other than arenas for battles or frontiers to explore and conquer?


Create an expressive environment you can explore in first person.

Start from a mood, an emotional target.

The experience should last about 1 minute.

Focus on the atmosphere and the experience of moving through space.

Try no not set a completely linear path for the player.

Give it a purpose/conclusion, it can be about finding an exit or an object.

1. Setup

If you haven’t done it yet

Download the template from here


2. Mood setter

As a starting point pick a song from this compilation:

Plus two patterns to incorporate among the ones defined here:

3. Blockout

Create a blockout of your environment.

What’s a blockout? Check out #blocktober

Read the Level Design Book chapter about blockouts

4. Environment Art

This is an unorthodox process but it’s the fastest way you can add color and texture to an environment.

Create materials with polycam import them following the process below

If generation doesn’t work you can download BORING textures from these sites and go through the same process:

5. Interaction


Adding sounds

Physics (basic)

Building your game