Write a branching story with one or more of the following features:

  • Non-human (or better, non-animal) main character
  • Events out of chronological order
  • Multiple characters

Possibly avoid: dialog-centric stories (it’s the next assignment), life choices, choose your own adventure tropes (moving, fighting, dying etc.).

PART I (Due Tuesday 4)

Post two ideas for this project.

Write the the first paragraph and (at least) a couple of examples of choices for each of the potential projects.

If you are planning to include visuals, produce (at east) one illustration/animation as example.

You can already start looking into Twine but for the proposal just use our blog here.

PART II (Due Tuesday 11)

Write (and illustrate) your story using Twine.
Post it in your personal web space and post a link in the blog.

Tuesday is going to be a work day but you don’t have much time so scale the project according to the time constraint.

PART III (Due Tuesday 11)

Read at least 10 of your classmates work and post a comment on the blog with constructive criticism, impressions and suggestions.


Try to limit each block of text to one or two paragraphs

Don’t provide many choices, provide interesting choices

Don’t just think about the content, think about how it could be narrated:
self-aware / self referential?
fist, second, third person?
multiple endings?
multiple beginnings?
Do you control an avatar?
Does it have graphics? What’s the relation between graphics and text?

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