Read at least two of the following texts and write a personal response on the blog possibly putting them in relation with each other. I’m not looking for a summary or a review (I liked it etc.).

Theory of the Dérive and Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography by Guy Debord
Radical French philosophy from the 50s. Hugely influential Situationist texts.

How to do things with videogames – Transit – Ian Bogost
Easy to read meditation on movements in games.

Gamer Theory – Atopia (on Vice City) by Mckenzie Wark
A fine critical theory essay, GTA as tool to interpret contemporary world. This is longer so it counts for two.

Game Design as Narrative Architecture by Henry Jenkins
To put in context of the Ludology vs. Narratology debate we talked about.

Narrative Environments From Disneyland to World of Warcraft by Celia Pearce
More about MMORPGs that story-based games.