Make a one-screen puzzle-like interactive scenario that introduces the player to a visually unique and consistent world. These are the requirements:

– The starting point is a randomly assigned color. The theme, the scenario and the mood should relate to the color. The color (shades of it) should also dominate the visual presentation, you can use little bits of black, white and of the complementary color.

– It has to contain at least 4 interactive objects or areas

– It has to be “solved” by a sequence of at least 3 mouse interactions, i.e. clicking things in the right sequence, clicking at the right moment, dragging and dropping.

– It has to be solved in about 10 seconds, so we can stitch them together and make a warioWare style game.

– Screen size: 800×600.

The learning objectives for this assignment are:

– learning to deal with your current illustration and animation skills and make something that doesn’t look like s**t

– learning to create a tiny but consistent and unique world

– learning to provide meaningful visual feedback for the players’ actions

Assignment for Thursday 11
80% content + animations

Assignment for Tuesday 16
Final delivery, sounds included