Use a “visual novel” editor to create a multiple choice dialogue with a virtual character. The project may have one or more of the following features:

The character is a portrait/caricature of a person you know
The character is based on the personality types from the Myers-Briggs test (note: pseudo-science)
The character is a credible depiction of a person affected by mental or behavioral disorder
Any of the above, but applied to the player’s character

Note: you can make it goal-oriented (persuade the character) but avoid “dating sims” tropes.

Some Starting points:

What’s the type of conversation: Interview? Date? Interrogation? Fight? ect.
What’s the power relationship between the two character?
What’s the initial predisposition of the player and NPC? Friendly? Bored? Aggressive?

Don’t assume the subject of the conversation is the NPC or the player (first date scenario). The player is playing a role too and her/his character may be already familiar with the npc.

Part I (Tuesday 18)

Design two characters and propose two conversation’s scenario (description of the situation and possible outcomes).

Part II (Tuesday 25)

Delivery and critique. Post a screenshot on the blog, a one-liner description and a link to the “game”.