Tool: exploration engine with GameMaker

This is going to be a folk walking around kind of game so let’s do the guy walking part quickly.
Make a prototype with the basic movements, animations and graphics, the “style” of your world, like the tutorial in class BUT better.

The recommended tool for this assignment is GameMaker. Cross platform, free lite, cheap pro, can build in every format, both drag and drop and code based.

Note: Game Maker for Mac is version 7, one version behind the Window. The internal scripting language GML should work the same but .gmk files build in Game Maker 8 will not work.


Part 1

Download the Gmk file – tutorial_1.gmk
This is an improvement of the tutorial I showed in class it includes:

  • GML script for 4 or 8 direction movement, snapped to grid or not
  • GML script for changing animations/sprite according to the direction and speed
  • Multiple rooms
  • Tile sets and sprite sheets animations
  • Tile based collisions and collision against irregular shapes


Part 2

Download the Gmk file – tutorial_2.gmk
This tutorial is a further extension and contains:

  • View (camera following an object)
  • GML script for displaying a text box RPG style
  • Soundtrack