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Final Project (Better late than never)

Here is my final snowglobe game, if any of you are still checking the blog.  To learn how to play, use the tutorial provided when you first open the game.  If you want to start over for any reason, simply delete the savegame file that is automatically created when you exit the game.  Here’s the link:

The Ruined Society – Update

Jen made a lot of new pretty animations to indicate which things are clickable!

We also fixed our ugly grey message boxes so that everything is a nice overlay screen instead.

There are a lot more things to interact with, as well. We also added music to the first area.

Somehow there is a minor glitch where you have to press x twice on occasion to close the console. Game Maker is frustrating.

*Note that left and right arrow keys are used for navigating all menus, including the test screen*

*Always press the X key to interact / close console windows*

New screen shots:





.gm81 because the exe is not working right now:

Robot Hockey update

Just a few small tweaks for all to see:

–made the bubbles a little prettier

–updated the ending scenes to both use the bubble system, and to use digital ink and color instead of my original plan of digital color on pencil for a sketchier style. I’m going to redo the start scene to match as well tomorrow, though I understand that update may be ungraded. Beginning also has an extra bubble explaining the texting system now. Since they’re using the bubble system, the cutscenes can now be stepped through with the x key as well (just like dismissing a message). I do want to go back and put in a Flash comic system for that at some point, but that point is not during the mad rush at the end of the semester, and the bubble system looks better than a haphazard scattering of stuff.

-finally got the dang robots to reverse when they hit things. It’s not a huge thing but it’ll add something when I get to making more levels, I think.

It’s been fun!

Final Project – Jessica & Jennifer – The Ruined Society


You play a girl who comes from a utopian society, sent to explore a society entirely different from your own… OR IS IT

We wanted to focus on exploration and creating a nice atmosphere.

Sometimes, the collisions are a little janky and we had to use popup message boxes at a few points in the game. Also, we intended to have a title screen and a nice end screen, but ran out of time.


Movement: Arrow keys

Press X to examine things or confirm

To cycle through selection screens, use the left and right arrow keys (including the ‘test’!)




Dysfunctional is a game about a family. Up to eight players can join in a session, each taking on the role of a family member helping to clean a newly inherited home in preparation for resale. One of the family members is a greedy sonofabiscuit though, and his or her (randomized) objective is to kill off the other family members or convince the family to disown them by preventing them from cleaning the house. The rest of the family must discover who the killer is, and agree to kill him or her by majority vote, before the killer eliminates everyone!


tl;dr – the game works with exactly 8 people. no more, no less, no disconnecting allowed.



WASD      –>  move

Enter      –>  open chat/ send chat

(in chat) /accuse <name>      –>  accuse this player of murder. opens up a vote.

(in chat) /vote <yes, no>     –>  vote yes for guilty, no for innocent, for the accused player

Space     –>  kill, if you are the killer and you have poison

Eric and Bueno – Stranger

Only works for windows, sadly. As of now the game is still sadly unfinished – the number of combinations of dead and alive characters over three seasons, and the results of that, turned out to be overwhelming to code. That said, all we need is brute force and time.

Play as a stranger in a strange land. Is it true that when all you have is a bow, everything looks like a target?


Addiction, Relapse

Basically a rehash of my previous project, but centered around the theme of drug addiction. Use the arrow keys to move around as you try to make your way to the next level. Grab the pill bottles at your own risk; some have more adverse effects than others. Additionally, talk to the figures and see what happens.

Music Used: Alt-j – Tesselate

Final – Washington.

Hey everyone! Here it is. GW himself coming to save the day. Also it isn’t WASD to move.. I changed that this morning to the Arrow keys. yep.

Also make sure you hit the cherry-tree.. it gives you an ipod to use lol.

below is da game. dropbox link todownload.