Best Games Fest

The two most memorable games that I played at the Best Games Fest were Talahassee and… um… well, I don’t know the name, but it was played at me several times.

Talahassee was interesting in concept; the idea of setting out on an adventure with a posse is exciting. In practice, there was perhaps something missing. There was a lot of wandering around and the occasional bursts of excitement seemed a bit random and unbalanced. Perhaps more structured events to bring everyone together? I’d have to think about it a bit more, but the idea was fun.

The other game I played was ongoing. Players received a card with an instruction to make something happen: someone needed to say a word, someone needed to take two pictures of you, etc. If you succeeded, you set off a party popper. If you pushed too hard, you could be called out by the people you were talking to.

This game was played at me more than I played. I actually got into a nice conversation with someone about Marvel movies before he exploded a popper in my face and ran away giggling. I resent this.

I like making interactive things. Sometimes these things are also games.