Game Fest Review

Turtle Wushu:

(Rules!) I found Turtle Wushu to be quite enjoyable because the interaction was short and there was an ever present possibility of chaos. It wasn’t wise to play it in the dark because you had to search for your turtle in the dark. It was like a way too severe punishment for loosing. I lost every turtle ): ┬áIt’s also nice to learn because the game is simple enough that it would be easy to instigate this game under many circumstances.

The You Win Card Game:

I liked this game because it was ambient and ever lasting. You take a card that has a win condition on it. For example: You see someone wipe their nose, You get someone to take a picture of you, you win a thumb war. If you are found out trying to win… you loose, so you have to be sneaky. If you succeed in covertly accomplishing your goal. You get to fire off a party popper! This was quite effective in instigating random interactions with strangers, which was a pleasant if a bit awkward.