I have to catch a flight tonight so I won’t be in class… but here are my top picks!

The bizarreness of some of the games on was amazing. These are a couple that can be played in the browser. I like the frivolousness and scrappy-ness of the art and the unexplained weirdness of these games.

Swaacl’s Monument

As far as I can tell, there is no objective. You can either move to the right or move to the left via arrow keys. Along the way, you may bob your head up or down to pick up sticks or scribbles or blobs attached to trees. After picking something up, the object floats up into the air and just hovers there for the rest of your journey, and a blob-like part of your body either detaches or grows or shrinks or something. Finally, you reach a creepy, scribbled shrine-like obstruction. You may move no further.

P.S. check out the URL hehe

Kuru-kuru! Kuru!

2-player game (one person uses w-a-s-d, other person uses arrow keys). You have these long slinky rubbery arms that you can navigate across this room full of sushi conveyer belts. The goal is to gather as many sushi plates as possible and bring them to your mouth for feeding. Whoever consumes the most sushi is the winner!