Assignment: Clones!

The assignment for next weekis to clone / remake a classic game in Unity.
These are the assigned games

Some games can be reproduced quite faithfully (i.e. Breakout, Pong) while others (ET, Super Mario Bros.) are obviously too big or complex for a one week assignment. I’m expecting you to capture the geist of the gameplay: the control system, the feel, the core mechanics.

I don’t wan’t you to reproduce Atari’s clunkiness and blockiness and I don’t care about the visual appearance for now. This is an exercise to learn Unity and a in-depth study of a simple gameplay.

The next step will be to add a significant twist to the gameplay and turn the clone into something novel.

Due Date and what to deliver next time

I’m still trying to gauge your skills and allow some flexibility with deadlines. The idea is to have the clones done by Thursday 23.

Some of you are are probably able to deliver the clone by this coming Tuesday, and start working on the next step.

Some may just bring a work in progress on Tuesday.

All the others, especially first time Unity users or first time developers would probably need more elements before they can start. In this case the assignment for Tuesday 21 is:
Practice with what we’ve done so far and devise a control system that feels good. Make a scene with some obstacles and find ways to control one or more avatars.

All of you should at least develop some kind of control system, or even better, a couple of variants with different feels.

The games

Download the game ROMs and the flash ports here

The ROMs should run on openEmu if you have Mac/OSX and Stella on PC/Win.
Drag and drop the SWF files on a browser window if double click doesn’t work.