Project: mutating environment


Design and develop a 3D environment that can be gradually transformed by a single variable.
Design it to be VR-compatible, fixed camera position, no controllers.
Imagine the variable being linked to by an analog input (sound, breathing, weight sensor, etc…) and conceptualize a hypothetical installation set up.

The project is due October 19, but we are going to approach it through a couple of technical exercises.

Phase 1 – Due Monday 3rd
Read and comment the readings

Bring a proposal for you mid semester project:
short description
+ description of the ideal interaction mode
+ colored concept art of initial state and final state
+ mood board+sound reference

The sky and particles exercise could be the starting point for this project

Phase 2 – Monday 24th

Deliver the complete project or, at the very least, a playable non-broken prototype that gives an idea of the experience, the atmosphere etc.