Too many ideas

Bring to class 20 original game ideas expressed in less than 140 characters.


Original means: they must not be descriptions of existing games
Game means: they must not be just plots and narrative scenarios, we will talk about storytelling next week
Idea means: don’t think about whether or not you are able to develop it, BUT it should be something you would be interested in developing

Many developers post outlandish game ideas, some turned that into an art practice:
Pippin BarrPeter Molydeux
Game Toilet
Game Jam themes

Starting points
It’s way too easy to think in terms of established genres and their combinations (x meets y) or in terms of narratives (a girl “solves puzzles” to find her dog), so try something different:

What are some non-game-related issues and themes you are interested in?

Are there games that you wish existed in the world?

What are the games that you and only you can make?

What is the type of game you hate the most? Why? How to fix it?

What is a thing you wish you could have done in a game but you weren’t allowed to?

What is the aspect that you enjoy the most in game development? How can you devise a game around it?

What is the part of game development you wish you were better at? How can you make a game that forces you to confront it?

What is the part of game development you hate the most? How can you make a game that allows you to avoid that?

What are the most unlikely adaptations or gamifications you can think of?

What about making games for a specific audience, space, context?