Final Project

This is the living document where I keep track of each single project, posting notes and recommendations of what you should implement next.

Due Friday 10

This is the prompt for the new groups:
Make a game that can be played in less than 10 minutes and has at least one of the following features:
1- It can be played more than one person
2- It can be played through a non-conventional interface
4- Develops an idea that has been proven successful or worth pursuing (in previous assignments, prototypes etc)
3- It is a design research endeavor. You’d have to attempt something that has not been tried before, motivating the project with a research statement (from an artistic, design, HCI etc perspective)

Meet at least once with your new group and do a brainstorming. Here are some tips and best practices.

Before you start brainstorming new ideas, give a recap of your past experience in games and related fields. Consider all the unfinished projects, exercises and ideas you came up in this class or in previous classes. Is there something promising that you simply didn’t have time to explore?

Bring at least two proposals. A proposal is a post containing:

– Title or tentative title
– A 140 character or less summary that uniquely identifies your project (if it can be applied to other games like “a dreamlike puzzle inspired by the impossible architecture of MC Escher” you are already on the wrong track).
– A longer explanation
– The research statement (see above)
– A mock screenshot that is indicative of the gameplay and visual style you are trying to achieve. Not concept art – which usually represents isolated elements of the game – but an image that can be mistaken for a screenshot of a game
– A soundtrack that represent the “mood” of project

This talk about how to pitch to a publisher is very industry-oriented and many points don’t apply here, but others are pretty good.