Assignment: Play the world

Prompt: A game as cultural intervention. Games are experiences governed by rules, like many non-playful activities. Find a real world system, an activity, a situation, or a place that can be turned into a game or a playground.
Does it reveal something about the activity or context? Does it encourage a different kind of behavior or interaction?
(groups of 4 people max, or individually)

Alternative prompt: expand, iterate and “polish” a promising idea that emerged in one of the class activities or from the 7 tiny games assignment.

Friday 15th: Bring 3 ideas to the group
Friday 22nd: Final Delivery

Deliverable: title, rules, statement, documentation of play in pictures, video or any appropriate formats.

Parameters of “success”:
Is it playable/understandable by people who didn’t design it? Have you playtested it with other people? What’s their feedback?
Does it meaningfully transform a space, activity, or context or is it just a prank or random interference? Does reveal something about a place, community, or social dynamic?