Playtime: Board games

Relatively simple games to play in class

Red group
Modern Art – 3-5p – 45min – bidding, satire

Blue group
Lost cities – 2p – 20min  – push your luck
LOTR the confrontation – 2p 20min – asymmetry, hidden information, franchise

Green group
Carcassonne: hunters and gatherers – 2-5p – 45min – tile placement – indirect competition

Yellow group
Gloom – 2-4p – 30min – materials, storytelling

Purple Group
Coup – 2-6p – 15min – bluffing

One night ultimate Werewolf – whole class, bluffing, secret identity
Fluxx – nomic game


Class report:

Brief overview
Distinctive mechanics, what makes it unique?
Distinctive dynamics, what happens in the game?
Shortcomings (aside of: too complicated for a Friday morning activity)