Assignment: Virtual Sculpture

Create an assemblage of 3D objects within the game engine Unity.
Artfully arrange a given selection of assets from the game Everything.
It doesn’t have to be realistic nor to follow the law of physics! Play with scale and forms, it can be surreal and impossible.


Change background and ground color by changing the materials
Stay within the round area in the scene


The delivery format is 1 to 3 still images showing no interface elements.
The screenshot must be taken from Unity’s play mode through script provided.
Hit play > Move camera with WASD + QE + right mouse to orbit.
By default screenshots are taken with the space key
Screenshots will appear in the assets folder under “screenshots”.
The first time you may have to right click on the assets panel and hit refresh.

You can also take a video with the camera rotating around the sculpture.
To record HD videos follow this tutorial
The recordings end up in the project folder, the same where the assets folder is. NOT in assets.

Post them along with a title.

Grading Criteria

There is attention to form, color, silhouettes
The objects form new visual and symbolic relationships
The elements form a cohesive unit, it looks like a sculpture or an art installation, you didn’t make a diorama


Download this package (virtual-sculpture)

Open Unity Hub
New project
Select 3D core
Give it a name that makes sense like Virtual Sculpture
Select a location that makes sense like your external hard drive or the local document folder
Confirm, it will take a few minutes
Double click on the package with Unity open, import everything.
Open the scene Sculpture and save it as something else like SculpturePaolo


Watch this introduction to Unity as assignment for next time: