Assignment: Drawing Tool

Make an artistic drawing tool. It can have a built-in aesthetic but try to make it flexible enough to produce a variety images.


Make sure it draws in full screen by creating the canvas like this:

createCanvas(windowWidth, windowHeight);

Grading Criteria

It’s not a obvious variation of the example provided
It has its own style and personality
The program produces images that are not easy to make with a “standard” drawing application like Photoshop or MS Paint.
You can create images that are diverse enough for it to be considered a tool
During critique your classmates can produce diverse and unexpected images


Post it to openprocessing
Add title, thumbnail, and instructions in the description: “i” button in the center, edit, how to interact with it
Make 3 images with it demonstrating its capabilities and flexibility (you can right click on the canvas and save it as a png file)
Post the images to discord in the channel #drawing-tool-images
During critique, you’ll use other people’s tools, so specify who the author was


I put together a handful of examples showing different tricks and approached you can use and recombine. Links below:

Mouse drawing basic – continuous lines, events, speed

Blend modes – adding randomness, how to blend colors differently

Advanced drawing pt 1 – basic user interface, keyboard

Advanced drawing pt 2 – dragging actions, oscillation, curves

Student Examples