Exercise+Resources: Mini site

Make a simple website using hotglue or one of the tools below.
Use your Internet ready made content, even if it’s not going to be presented as a website.

Let’s talk about the Internet first

And let’s briefly talk about html (with this simple online editor)


Content management + Hosting platforms

* google websites
Good for personal pages, portfolios, events. (examples)
Free without a domain.
Relying on rigid templates.

* squaredspace (or similar services like carrd or weebly or wix)
Professional-looking templates, no coding required
Good for portfolios and small business.
*extremely* expensive: $16+ a month and you are locked in.

* wordpress (or similar content management systems CMS)
Good for sites with frequent updates like blogs
Modular and flexible structure
Very popular CMS, lots of plugins
Supported by many hosting services, you are not locked in
There is a decent free plan but it doesn’t let you have a proper domain

* Hotglue.me
WYSIWYG website maker
Good for arty messy websites
Can be bad for mobile because the layout is not responsive.
Not for profit, ran by two artists, so it may disappear any day (but so commercial services).

random examples of hotglue sites (not related to the assignment):

Free Hosting Services 

* neocities
Maximum flexibility, you control all the files, and you can move it to other servers.
It doesn’t include templates.
Coding required.
You actually learn how websites are made.

* glitch
Community oriented
Online code editor
Can host dynamic sites (web app) powered by node.js

* github pages
Good for project pages, has templates.
Uses markdown, which is simpler than html.
Requires familiarity with github: it’s more for programmers.



* twine
It’s for interactive stories but it creates html pages that can be published as sites (example Do not interact)
No code needed

* temper
Minimalistic text only wysiwyg page creator for personal landing pages.
It can export html.

* UIniverse
Collection of html+css UI elements that can be copy pasted on your site

* online zine
create a digital dine with electric zine maker
publish it as html with js zine

* slaptrash
experimental html editor for talking slideshows?

* google slides
They have the option share>publish to web which basically creates a public webpage.
Limited to a slideshow, click to advance format, but flexible and easy to use in terms of layout.
Ugly URL