5 Second Performance

In-class exercise inspired by Erwin Wurm “one minute sculptures”:

One Minute Sculptures involves models posing with day-to-day items but in bizarre and unnatural ways. The sculptures are created spontaneously without much thought going into them.

In groups of two (one performer and one camera person, then swap roles).

Given the assigned everyday object and the location, improvise a performance that:
> Lasts between about 5 seconds (see it in relation with photography)
> Puts the performer’s body in an unconventional relationship with the object and/or the space
> Uses no effects, filters or post production processes
> Doesn’t rely on traditional acting (no skits nor dialogues)

After you made at least 10 performances with the same object, go back to base and you’ll be given a new prop.
Avoid camera movements, make something happen in front of the camera
You can use any format, horizontal, square etc.
Pay attention to composition, form, color… see it as a living sculpture.

Videos on Discord are awkward and youtube is slow, so upload your short videos on giphy or tiktok and then post it on our discord in the channel #5-second-performance.

You can shoot the performance directly on the giphy app (no audio, time limit 6 second) or tiktok app as long as you don’t add filters and effects.
You can (and probably should) create a burner account on either platform.

Warmup exercise n.2 – Score

In groups of two brainstorm and write down the instructions (scores) for 5 performances.

You can look at the fluxus workbook for inspiration.

The Fluxus artist were into humor, absurdism, and the subversion of everyday life but you don’t have to. For example you can think of them as serious rituals, games, or as drafts for the actual project you’ll be working on.

Post your scores on the discord under #5-second-performance.