Assignment: Video Performance

Assignment: Create a performance art piece for the camera, either in a private or public setting, either alone or in collaboration with somebody else.
The piece must be a single “locked off” shot: the camera is on a tripod and doesn’t move. Use no or little editing.

Duration 1-5min.
If it’s a durational performance document everything but make an edit for critique.

> Rule-based performance: devise a set of rules that can force the performer(s) to challenge behavioral scripts, achieve an aesthetic effect, or push your body or mind to a limit. eg. fluxus – workbook.
> Place-driven: find an interesting location and devise a performance around it.
> Prop-driven: create or find an object to act upon, or a costume to act in. Explore its affordances and activate in public or private.

Also think about:
Image composition, camera position, mode of address, costumes, background/location, types of audience, seriality.

Before shooting it, post a score on the #assignments channel, we may give you some feedback or reference. The score can be a set of instructions, a drawing, anything that a hypothetical other person would need to re-enact it.

Due Date Tuesday March 1