Assignment: Shooting Video

Assignment: create a short video piece using original footage but no acting nor voiceover.
Use the tripod and avoid camera movements unless you have stabilizing equipment.
Pay special attention to focus, composition and light.
Make sure there is always something moving in the frame (you are not taking pictures)

Work in groups of 2, shooting together and editing individually.
Avoid shooting on campus and in the dorms.
Duration 1-3min

Tuesday November 2nd –  screenings + composition + discussing your plan + self directed work day
Thursday November 4th – editing + post production (or possibly shooting)
Tuesday November 9th – Due date: critiques

Possible strategies:
> Visual essay: convey a theme through loosely connected images.
> Formal: come up with a constraints that restrict what can appear on the screen, how you shoot, or how you link sequences together. The constrain can be arbitrary (e.g. each shot must be exactly 1 second, the images share certain visual qualities) or with an embedded theme (e.g. everything is shot in one room / theme: isolation).
> Mood piece: convey an emotional state starting from a soundtrack (instrumental only)
> Location-first: find a place that interests you due to visual, historical, personal, or political reasons.
> Alternative stock footage: shoot a series of clips that aren’t already represented in the stock footage banks.
For inspirations check story blocks – dark stock images or the classic curation Women Laughing Alone While Eating a Salad

Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio – art movie that seem to have influenced stock footage and advertising imagery