Assignment: The Art of Noise

Assignment: Create a sound composition incorporating at least one original field recording, at least one original vocal sample, and as many additional sounds from an assigned library. Duration 1-3 min.

Download samples

> Soundscape: evoke a mood, sonify an imaginary place.
> Narrative: create a composition that develops in time, as in a movie soundtrack.
> Podcast: create a short podcast segment centered around a voice recording but also incorporating sound effects and documentaristic field recordings.
> Musical: if you have music skills, try to turn non musical samples into a composition.

First part due to Feb Thursday 10
Go on a 20 minute sound recording “safari” with a digital audio recorder and headphones.
Capture 4-5 interesting sounds here on campus.

Watch some intro tutorials for Audition

Tuesday February 15
Work day, bring a work in progress, the samples you are using and a general theme/direction

Due to Thursday 17
Project done and uploaded on soundcloud or drive or wherever it can be linked and played, crit day