Assignment: Breaking Breakout

Create a mod of a breakout clone.
Download source from here

It can be a cool looking digital artwork – not necessarily playable or winnable like these ones:

Or it can be a “twist” that introduces new gameplay elements like Plasma Pong:

Or more conceptual variations like Pipping Barr’s Pongs

-Avoid importing external graphic resources. Keep it abstract.
-Try to start by tweaking the code, not with a specific idea.
-Don’t try to create a completely different game, try to retain some elements of the original

Publishing your project
1. Create a blog post with the Title of the game (not some random stuff)
2. Add a screenshot and a short description
3. Files are too big to be hosted here so add a link to a zip file (on dropbox or on your website) containing the source code/project files and an executable for mac.


Processing website

Processing reference

The openprocessing community is very broad and there’s a lot of code you can borrow if you want to do some advanced stuff.


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