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Authors Luo Yi Tan and Ashley Baron-Moore

Control Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of the underworld, and prevent the residents from escaping while keeping the living from sneaking in. Use your arms to control the left and right heads, and use them to pick up the unwanted escapees and people sneaking in to feed them to the middle head. You can also control the middle head by tilting your own head left and right.

It’s Kinect-controlled, so you obviously need a kinect to run it. You also need the SimpleOpenNI library, which you can download here .

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac build, but here’s a windows build with a readme: Build

Source code:  Source

Deep Dark

Author Marlena Abraham

After an unfortunate spelunking accident, you are trapped in a cave with no light source but your dying camera. With luck, you can navigate the cave’s twisting passages and find another way to the surface. It’s unfortunate that you’ve never been very lucky.

Deep Dark Playthrough from Marlena Abraham on Vimeo.

Controls: WASD to move, left mouse button to look, Shift+i+z for emergency restart.

Windows Download

Mac Download


Authors Zhen Geng (Programming) and Heather Cowie (Graphic/UI/SoundEffect Design)

Description  A soft-body bubble monster try to travel in an eternal  tunnel. Use your two hands’ gesture to control the monster’s shape as well as  it’s  movement to smoothly travel through the tunnel. It will explode if you stretch too much!


  1. Plug in the Kinect before run the application
  2. When the Kinect recognize your gesture, press space to start; move the control circle to the target point to get familiar with the control method
  3. Separate your arms to grow wider /bring them together to grow thinner /lift them your arms to go faster /lower them to go slower

Source Github


Monster Mash

Author: MacKenzie Bates(Programming), Tyler Porten(Animation, Music), Ziyun Peng (Sound Programming)

Description: Monster Mash is about you entering the monster world and trying to blend in with them by mimicking their singing.  Once you satisfied the monster, it would come over to your side and make the music one layer richer for you.

The game was firstly done with Processing + Max/MSP, communicating via OSC. And then we made a single Processing version.


  • Stare at the cute animations and listen to the monster
  • Sing along with the monster and try to match the beat and pitch as perfectly as you can
  • Enjoy the music!

App : Download (single Processing ver.)

Source: Download (single Processing ver.)

Face Fighter

Author: Joel Simon

Description: Placed in head-to-head combat two faces must fight it out for survival. The whole game is controlled by the players faces. Players can fire speech bubbles out of their mouths, aim them with their eyebrows and form shields by closing their eyes. The result is a lot of funny faces made by both players. The faces also move around the screen dodging speech bubbled and gathering power. Too much movement risks being lost by the face tracker, while too little also leaves you vulnerable. Staying far away from the screen makes one a smaller target but will also make their attacks weaker since the speech bubbles will be smaller.

Instructions: must be running in the background. Then run the exported processing sketch for windows/osx. Enter your friends ip address and play.

Sauce: github



Author Collin Burger

Feelers is an interactive installation with game elements in which two participants control the environment with skin to skin contact.  Participants are attached to the installation and instructed to match colored lights and the frequency of two sine waves by varying the area and pressure of skin contact.  Spectators are treated to a voyeuristic display of the players’ actions that possesses the quality of a foreign ritual. Feelers invites participants and spectators to explore each other’s bodies and investigate the notions of personal space.

*Feelers is funded in part by the Frank-Ratchye Fund for Art at the Frontier.



Author Mark Strelow.

In “micro,” the player must click and drag to position a line, and release to cut through the core group of cells. If the drawn line passes between a cell and the center of the group, that cell will be separated. The severed cells will move away from the center perpendicular to the line drawn. The goal of the game is to keep at least one cell alive for as long as possible, by cutting off an appropriate number of cells to deal with approaching enemies.

Part of the challenge of the game is shooting in the correct direction, but allocating an ideal number of cells can also be difficult. Red enemies absorb 10 cells before exploding and absorbing any cells within this wider radius. Packs of blue enemies grow larger as they get closer, and fighting them always takes 5 seconds. If you have fewer cells than their group you will lose the fight, equal numbers will result in both groups being depleted, and having more will result in less casualties on your side. Thus, you want to allocate enough cells to win the fight with minimal losses, but (if you sent too many) you might not have enough in the core group for other tasks while they fight.

You lose the game eventually no matter what, so the goal is just to survive as long as possible. A time of 30 seconds is average, over 60 is good, and over 80 is very impressive. The enemies’ spawning time is a bit randomized, so it is possible to get lucky (or unlucky) in a particular round.

I can’t quite get the executables to work after download because something with the minim sound library isn’t working. In the meantime, here is the dropbox link to the code:

Source Code

Mirror Mirror

Author Andre Le

Mirror mirror is a collaborative multi-screen multiplayer puzzle game spanning 3 computers located next to each other. Each level contains one or more lasers, mirrors, and circular targets in a puzzle-like configuration. The 3 players are able to move and rotate the mirrors to bounce lasers across multiple screens. The goal of the game is to pass the laser(s) through all of the targets. In many situations, players are dependent on other players and must discuss strategies in order to effectively use the provided mirrors and lasers.



  1. Navigate to the “server” folder from within the OSX terminal.
  2. To start the server, type in “java -jar mpeServer-2.0.2.jar -framerate60”
  3. Each player has a corresponding folder (e.g. Player1, Player2, Player3) that contains an “mpe.xml” file
  4. To configure the server, edit the mpe.xml file and change the <ip></ip> to the ip of the server
  5. To start the game, open the .app file in the corresponding Player folders


Author Alex Lee Interactive fiction about the nature of fiction, wrapped in sci-fi horror. Superficially references Nietzsche. Originally fan fiction for House of Leaves. This is only the first chapter (red passages indicate new chapters). This is not a game, there are no decisions to make. The expanding passages are solely for narrative and thematic effect. All instructions within. Made in Processing (no additional libraries). Download the ZIP file and open it. Versions for Windows and Mac along with the source code within. Click here to download ZIP.

Elemental Body

Author: Luke Schenker

Concept: Each level is a classical element, which are wind, water, fire, and earth (in order) which are expressed through how the level is laid out. In the first 3 levels the player directs the balls to the target platforms. For the last one the player holds up the balls until they dissipate. In more detail:

Level 1: Wind
Players act as the wind, and direct objects to targets on either side

Level 2: Water
Players guide the flow of the water to pouring from above to the target below

Level 3: Fire
Players guide sparks from the fire below to the target above as they float up into the sky

Level 4: Earth
Players catch rocks and hold them up until they erode away

Overall I was happy with how the game came together, and even happier with the response from the people at the little play fair we had. I was a bit skeptical of how fun the game actually was, but lots of people asked to play it and kept me busy most of the 3 hours of the fair! Bunches of kids were even laughing and having a really fun time playing, as were their friends laughing along with the “yoga” like poses they were making. Several times I was about to grab pizza but there were people asking to play next, so I had to oblige and root em on 🙂

Download the source code and necessary libraries here!

Tutorial (I used) to get the Kinect running on my machine which includes links to all software and drivers needed, except the  SimpleOpenNI driver which can be downloaded HERE.

When running using Processing, the first time you run it it won’t work, so just stop the program (WITHOUT QUITTING PROCESSING) and run it again, give it about 30 sec and it should boot up fine.

If you want to try running the exported application instead of using the source, libraries, and kinect install its worth a shot, but I couldn’t get the standalone application working. It can be downloaded HERE

alex new proposal


Gather animals, plants, machines, and other objects from various environments and tear them into their components (my current broad categories are body, mind, soul, and time). Organize these components in a ‘library’, and combine them to make new objects and materials. You can eventually build your own living, intelligent creatures, structures, and objects.

The nature and complexity of the crafting is my main concern. I played Doodle God and Doodle Devil, and was frustrated by how lots of things didn’t combine that logically should. I felt restricted by the developer’s limitations. Some ways to solve the issue for this game might be:

1) Make materials individual modifiers rather than elements of a whole, so that you can combine any materials to form a basic ‘creature’ with modifiers attached to it. This approach is similar to the creature stage in Spore. An example might be if you have a “predatory behavior” material you got from a bird, you could apply that to your formative creature and it would then follow that AI. This is the least interesting approach in my opinion.
2) Require specific materials to craft a new distinct object, but you can add any amount of each material. The new object would have a modifier depending on how you deviated from the ‘right’ recipe.
3) Divide materials into categories, and recipes require anything from those categories. This way you can substitute similar materials (like steel and copper) and have a similar end product.
4) Materials have descriptions or tags to suggest their nature and purpose, and you learn more and more methods to ‘discover’ recipes during the game.

My current conception of ‘crafting’ is the same as existing games like Minecraft, Don’t Starve, TLOU, etc. (combine objects to form more complex objects based on recipes). I don’t know if this type of system is interesting, or if there’s a different way to craft. Two important things I want to emphasize are: ‘recipes’ should be figured out through logic and trial-and-error; and the game shouldn’t reject ‘incorrect’ combinations.

I probably won’t be able to make a game with a narrative in the time frame of this class, but if I did, it might involve building objects of increasing complexity, unlocking more materials and methods of creation. Your creatures and automata give you access to additional areas, like the forest, the shore, the mountain, below the earth, the sky, etc. As you build more complex creatures and structures, you have to deal with the ethical and logistical implications of sentient and emotional beings. The overall goal is open-ended, but the fact that you’re constructing these creatures suggest that you might want to 1) build a ‘perfect’ creature, or 2) build a creature more intelligent than you. One thing to note is that it doesn’t have to be limited to ‘creatures’, you could make inanimate objects and more complex elements.

The idea of deconstructing and constructing objects has some philosophical implications I don’t really understand, but here’s some Wiki links I was looking at:

Heather + Zhen Final

Reworking of the “bubble” game, in which the physical properties of the bubble are manipulated by kinect gesture. Use arm movements to control the size of the bubble to navigate a tunnel-like scrolling level. Fit through spaces, avoid obstacles to progress.


-By Wednesday:
-Samples of aesthetics/colors/styles
-finish control part (partially)
-Finalize appearance/level design
-finalize mechanics choices
-Finish character appearance/behavior
-start working on building levels/environment
-Finish Levels/ UI in general (including designing what these look like
-Combine elements together to begin polishing
-Sound /Polish more

Sebrand Warren Final Proposal


Dance Telephone Game

Start by saving and replaying skeleton data, then research how to evaluate the performance. Make a nice storyboard showing how you picture the interaction, how to communicate the goal to the player and visual layout.

Nov 11: get skeleton data over time to record and play back.

Nov 13: have research on how to evaluate. Begin working out the technicalities.

Nov 18: Moc-up Visuals.

Nov 28: Completed Visual Layout and interaction.

Dec 2: Finalize evaluation and interaction.

Final Proposal – John Brieger

Asteroid Dogfight Local Multiplayer Game:

I’m really interested in the split screen multitouch paradigm, and I think its a really fun way to game.  This game comes from the 50 game ideas jam.

I’m thinking of a dogfight game in the asteroids style kind of 360 degree movement with thrust.  Ships are very small relative to map size.  You can lay traps, fire bullets, maybe some sort of team type game.

Each play has a ship on their iDevice that they can control thrusters/boost/weapons on. a shared battlefield map is displayed on a projector/TV

Nov. 11: Basic Server/Client functionality, movement working

Nov. 13 bullets and collision

Nov. 18 Bonjour Service integration, autodection for player counts, connections, etc

Nov. 25 level design, and art

Dec. 1 Polish, make super easy to set up

Cerberus Game

by Luo and Ashley

So you play as Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the underworld. Prevent spirits from escaping and prevent the living from sneaking in. You’re not allowed to eat spirits, but you’re allowed to eat the living.

It will have kinect controls, with one person puppeteering the three heads. It will be in 2D for ease of animation/art.


Nov 11: Get Processing + Kinect movement working, with basic shapes to represent heads

Nov 18: Get enemies working, work out Cerberus art

Nov 25: Work out bugs and balance, enemy art

Dec 1: Finalize Art, polish.


Mark Strelow – Staring Contest Fighter – Final Proposal

I have had the idea of making a simple fighter using somewhere between 2 and 4 buttons. The basic idea is that, if a player is able to react quick enough to an opponent’s attack, they will have the opportunity to get off an attack of their own. When we started talking about face tracking, I thought it could be interesting to have the idea of a staring contest. My original idea seemed like it might encourage people to stay still, because if they failed an attack they would be left open for a counterattack. I think that including the idea of a staring contest would add a factor that forces the two players to eventually engage.

Planned Milestones:

November 11: Get the general layout for the fighter down.

November 18: Get the blink detection working.

November 25: Combine the two in a way that feels balanced.

December 1: Finish everything up.

Final Proposal – Luke Schenker

Make a physics game for Kinect as opposed to the facial recognition; this makes for more possible objectives (such that you can contort your body much more than your face). In addition, the facial recognition is buggy when the head is tilted too much, again limiting gameplay.

Nov 11th – Have kinect motion tracking running/understood, have objectives and gameplay details ironed out (proof of concept)
Nov 18th – Started implementing gameplay, some (½) art assets finished
Nov 25th – Gameplay finished, art assets in place
Dec 1st – Polish/debug, add splash screens

Joel Simon Final proposal.

Face fighter is essentially a strategic funny face competition. Faces will map to combat moves between the players faces.  I am aiming for something simplistic in ui and well polished.


Nov. 4 – Finish making deadlines.
Nov. 10 – Get open frameworks and libraries working, understand limitations of system.
Nov. 17 – Make basic prototype that contains the most basic functionality, perhaps a few moves.
Nov. 24 – Aim to finish by now leaving 24-1 as time to polish.
Dec. 1 – Finish

Collin Burger: Feelers Final Proposal

I’m going to polish up my touching game Feelers so that it can be presented as an interactive installation for a specially designed space or as a more portable game.

Tentative Plan:

  • Nov. 4 – 10: Continue balancing the game aspects and finish adding features.
  • Nov. 11 – 17: Make a decision on the physical features and layout of the game space and acquire necessary equipment. Continue polishing the game.
  • Nov. 18 – 24: Finish polishing the game and start to piece together the physical implements of the project.
  • Nov. 25 – Dec. 1: Do a bit of work on the physical implementations of the game when not out of town for Thanksgiving.
  • Dec. 2 – Due Date: Finish the physical implementation and test.

new multitouch proposal

I was thinking of more multitouch ideas and I think that’s the direction I’d like to go for the final project. I’ll continue my dream game during Senior Studio.

My idea is an iPod ship management roguelike in which you ‘activate’ rooms on a ship by pressing them with your fingers. A room only fulfills its tasks while you’re holding your finger on it (e.g. a kitchen makes meals for the crew, or a cannon fires). You can activate multiple rooms at once, but no more than the number of crew members you have. You begin with 1-2 crew and can go up to likely 4-6.

You have to balance provisions, speed, weapons, shields, gold, time, and other variables. You encounter enemy ships (represented by bars on either side of the screen), who fire and move towards you. How you position your rooms matters – if an enemy fires towards your left, rooms on the left side of your ship are more likely to get damaged. Once you get lots of crew and rooms, the game becomes extremely micro intensive because you have to keep switching between rooms. A combat sequence might involve you alternating between cannons and shields with one hand (you get an alert when the enemy is about to fire), while brewing a storm and clearing a flood with the other.

You also encounter ports where you can purchase rooms, recruit crew, repair your ship, and expand it to accommodate more rooms. The game gets more complex as your ship and number of crew gets larger. It has similarities to FTL and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

My biggest concern is whether the game is too complex or cluttered for an iPod-type device. The interface, including the rooms, would mostly consist of simple symbols. I think as long as there’s not much text the audience can understand everything.

Nov. 4 – Discuss concept
Nov. 10 – Play with multitouch, make proof of concept
Nov. 17 – Make prototype (no visuals)
Nov. 24 – Make first draft (with visuals), play test and balance
Dec. 1 – Finish final

DA MASTA PLAN – Monster Party/Monster Mash

This is Ziyun’s + MacKenzie’s + Tyler’s game! It is a game where you are trying to survive in a place full of monsters by imitating the noises made around you. This uses voice input to allow the user to attempt to mimic the pitch and rhythm (and maybe loudness) of the “calls” that the monsters make in the game. Imitate the calls properly and you won’t get eaten! Otherwise, you’ll get eaten!


November 11: figure out OSCPitch, connect it to the game “engine”, and figure out voice rhythm recognition, work on art for the characters and sound/music

November 18: make game mechanics and code the game using placeholders for visual elements, work on art for the characters and sound/music

November 25: make the game playable with OSCPitch with the game using placeholders; work on art for the characters and sound/music

December 2: add in art and sound; be presentable to play!

Cave Game: Plan for the next few weeks

Current state:

  • Model for first few “rooms” complete
  • Models for stalactites, stalagmites, rocks, boulders, and crystals
  • Sound effects for dripping water, echoing, footsteps, etc.
  • First person controller with camera flash
  • 3D sketch of the rest of the game
  • Water and smoke effects

To do (with current priority):

  • Faster gameplay; currently lagging (high)
  • More rooms base modeled (high)
  • Fill rooms with base level cave models: stalactites, stalagmites, etc. (high)
  • Better textures for existing models (med)
  • Better crystal formations (high)
  • Growing crystals scripts (high)
  • Create water level (med)
  • Sounds for growing crystals (med)
  • More sounds for character (low)
  • Monster build (med)
  • Monster scripts (med)
  • Remake start screen (low)
  • Make pause screen (low)

Next few weeks plan:

  • Nov 8: Find and implement optimization methods
  • Nov 15: Model more rooms, fill with crystals/rocks/stalactites/stalagmites/water
  • Nov 21: Have prototype of water level completed
  • December 1: Have first rooms completed: Drop Zone, underground lake, stalactite maze (intro to hazardous crystals), crawling area, water dropoff

Embodiment – Touch – MacKenzie Bates

The game is split up into waves. A wave of input circles of different colors enter the track and head towards the center of the screen in a swirl. If the circles reach the center, the wave restarts. Color exit circles appear at the corners of the screen. The user must drag all at one time the correct colored circles to the exits to make the circles disappear.

Multitouch: Guardian Angel

You are a sweet old lady’s guardian angel. The old lady doesn’t walk so fast or see too well, so when she wanders into an industrial park you, as her protector, must stop the cranes, wrecking balls, and other assorted death traps in her path by flicking them out of the way with your fingers.

Door of Mirror – Face detection game

You are trapped in a haunted room, there are many doors with mirrors around the room walls. All the mirrors are dusty and dim that the reflection are blurred.

Only one mirror is the normal mirror that leads to the correct way out (maybe), and if you stare at one mirror too long, the image will become less clear and the ghost may come out from the mirror (game over)~

Try to find out the correct mirror with your face ~ Escape from the nightmare.



Perform short, meditative, playful actions in a series of minigames (like Dys4ia or Warioware). These minigames have no goal and serve to immerse the player in the story they imply получить займ 10000 рублей срочно. The main purpose of the touch interface is to make your actions seem more intimate and organic.

Possible actions include:
-Rubbing fog off a windowpane
-Running your fingers along your lover’s back
-Removing clothes
-Slicing vegetables for a meal
-Mixing a drink
-Scattering birds
-Dragging your feet through snow

Simultaneously manipulate multiple parts of a system or machine using your fingers. Each part must work in tandem in order for the system to operate properly. You can change the mechanics (and possibly the purpose) of the system by performing different actions, which the player can figure out themselves. This ‘toy’ tests multitasking, motor skill, and creativity.

‘Activate’ people by holding your fingers to the screen. Each finger your hold activates an additional person. You are more powerful/productive with more people, but each person you add causes internal conflicts within your group and weakens group harmony.

Sebrand Kinect Idea

Dance With self. Begin dancing and then use recording of that to inform your futuer dance moves. Think of telephone but with your body and your own starting point.

Face and Eyes Detection Game

SCP-173 game with more realistic experience. When your eyes are open, and stare at it, it is nothing more than a sculpture. When you close your eyes or stare anywhere else, it’s dangerous and unpredictable!

Control your direction with your face direction, and the character will blink when you blink.

Try to escape from the monster.

What’s SCP-173

Voice Control Game

A fighter game control by shouting out the name of your unique skills!

While in case to avoid the technical difficulty to do language recognition, can use some simple words or compare the voice with the sample voice.

Or you can control the movement with different pattern of voice (i.e.  shot and loud is jump etc.)

Body – Z

A multiplayer game where you make food with other players. Players use their body to mimic the food ingredient, interact with the other players so as to make a dish!

Sushi Recipe: Player1 as sashimi, Player2 as the sushi rice. The sashimi will have to behave like a real sashimi and cover on top of the sushi rice..

Gyro Recipe: Player1 as pita, Player2 as lamb meat, Player 3 as sauce…


Andre: FaceOSC – Mug Shot

Game where you need to put on the appropriate face to get past people without drawing suspicion or trouble. The player is walking through a neighborhood and you need to smile at the police officers/citizens, and put on a mean face to avoid trouble from the gang members. If approached by a growling dog, you have to put on “yelling” expression to scare off the dog.

Implementation idea:

Cross-reference Google Street View and a Poverty-level API. You’re set in a start location and must put on the appropriate face to continue to the next “Street view location” and progress.

Sound – ASMR game

I have wanted to make an ASMR game for a while, I am assuming no one else is familiar with it.

From wikipedia…

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial. Tom Stafford, a professor at the University of Sheffield, says, “It might well be a real thing, but it’s inherently difficult to research.”[

“Other phrases to describe the sensation refer to it as a “brain orgasm”, “brain massage”, “head tingle”, “brain tingles”, “head orgasm”, “spine tingle”, and “braingasm”

Everyone who experiences ASMR has different triggers, for many it is whispering. Think Bob Ross.

Anyway, the game would consist of a psychiatric patient who you have to whisper to to relax them. The tone and pitch of your voice would be analyzed, although I’m not entirely sure how this would work.

Collin Burger: Voice and Face Game

The Competitive Lying Game

I proposed this game before in the big proposal blast. Basically, there are two players and each take turns reading from a prompt and must lie to their opponent in order to score points. Each player is treated to a screen that is similar to the one below and face each other so they cannot read their opponent’s prompt but can easily read the other person’s face to see if they can tell if they are lying. The screen could display a particular facial feature that would be segmented using FaceOSC so that the player could closely examine their opponents face while they potentially lie. Using OSCVoice, players could also be treated to voice waveforms and pitch information to try to figure out what their opponent’s “tell” is.  If a player thinks that they are lying then they would press a button and if correct, the opponent would lose points, otherwise if it is a false alarm then the player loses points. Each turn would be timed and points would be scored for not truthfully reading each prompt. The challenge for creating this game would be writing and generating compelling text.


Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Face

So for face, I have two ideas:


You have to put on a mask for different situations, and maintain that expression on the mask for a period of time. For example, you have to maintain a smiling expression while you’re working at a cashier, or you have to maintain a sad expression during the funeral of someone you never liked very much.

Face runner

Your nose is running and the rest of your face has to to catch it. Use eyebrows and mouth to control two different things. eyebrows to make your character jump, and keep smiling to make your character run.

Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Voice

Siren Call

Use the pitch of your voice to attract seafarers to their doom. Have to start off low so they don’t notice you, and slowly get higher as they come closer. Let out a loud scream  once they’re close enough to disarm them and then consume them.

Body – Street Fighter!! (or street portal)

A kinect  will wait for two people to walk towards one another on the street, then it will make each one control a different fighter. Suddenly these people will be forced to interact and their body movements control the two fighters.


I also think something collaborative could be fun. Like street portal!

Random two people will be given a puzzle to solve together. One person can place portals by pointing to a location, the other is able to push the block around. And yeah, bonding with random people over portal.  c:

Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Body

Two ideas:

A Leaf in the Wind

Use your body to control the wind, blow a leaf to a place. The middle of a pond, on top of someone’s head, onto another pile of leaves. Kinect controlled. Something like Flower but with your body as a control.


Use your body to control tides/waves. Help rescue people that stray too far out, or drown them. Wash up broken bottles and see who finds them. Help a beached whale or let it die.

I could also work on my Cerberus game.


Andre: OSCVoice + Kinect: Cave In


Cave In is a game where players must avoid falling rocks inside of a cave using their body. Players can attempt to “push” falling debris away from them by making noise such as screaming or yelling. Rocks of different sizes/weight will fall at different speeds, and making noise will only deflect small rocks. Large falling rocks will only change trajectory so players must run and yell simultaneously. The goal is to survive until the end of the round.


Face: Contort your face to avoid being recognized by people you wish to avoid, but pleasantly smile at people you want to remember you (presented with enemies/friends in rapid succession, so that you must react quickly (alternatively, make faces/track eye movement to be the most convincing liar)

Body: 2 player cooperative game to escape a monster, the monster is attracted by movement. strategically plan movements to advance but not draw attention. also strategically move to divert attention if your partner is in danger


Andre: Kinect Game – Roadkill

Roadkill is a Kinect-controlled game that mimics Frogger. The player must successfully cross the street by moving forward and side-to-side to avoid cars and make their way to the goal. Players can flail their hands to try and get cars to slow down. Some cars such as taxi cabs will not slow down. Levels will scale by  the number of lanes and the speed of traffic (i.e. 2 lane road vs. 8 lane highway)


Shine – weird dream game with weird mechanics

A dream-like game using optical illusions and out of body experience as the main mechanic. Players is trapped in the 3 dimensional maze, and has to find the way out. As showing in the following picture, player can change the maze structure by change perspective and find the way to pass.

Showed in the next picture, player saw someone when he passed a room, and when he passing the other room at a different place, the exact same scene happens again, but the difference is that the player becomes the one inside the room and see himself passing by, so it can be a clue that implies the environment is the same with the one before.


Embodiment – Face – MacKenzie Bates


An vertical scrolling puzzle game where the user must make different faces to force there blob to change to different states.

Smile = Blob rises

Frown = Blob falls

Angry = Breaks through platforms

Tongue-Out = Blob separates into tiny blobs

Straight-Face = Blob comes back together & Hovers

Face – faceFighter!!!

Have you ever wanted to fight someone with your face?

No? well, me neither. But soon we can!

Players confront one another on their computers and use contorted facial expressions to battle. A glare will fire lazzers (pew pew)  while a shocked expression forms a shield. People dont make enough silly faces,  now they have reason to.




Luke’s Face idea!

SIMPLE! Use two points on your face (which change per round) to balance a physics object for a set amount of time. Gets tougher as time goes on, you get a higher score the less the object moves.

Kinect Body Game Idea

Like Lion Dance or 2-Person Horse,use Kinect to map two people’s joints to an animal’s  skeleton.

Game type can be:

  1.  Dance Game : Do a LionDance or HorseDance according to the screen pattern or mimic the character on screen.
  2. 2Adventure Game: Two people collaborate  to control the animal (the hero) to make movement to explore the game environment or complete some requests.

By zg

Shine – Kinect Game

An abstract game in which players use their body gesture to control the main character, and interact with the game world. For example, using hand to put the main character on the tree, or use the hand shaking to create wind and blow the main character(a balloon) to fly away from somewhere.

Body Game (Mark Strelow)

A game where you have to perform certain basic tasks, and you are rated on the amount of symmetry you are able to maintain while performing the actions. For example, if you need to pick something up, you need to move both arms together to complete the task.

Face – Performance/Penetration

You are an orator. Command a political party with your facial expressions, which might include anger, sympathy, determination, and vengeance. The appropriate expression depends on your current goal, the mood of your crowd, and current political trends (e.g. if your party is vilified in the media, an angry, contradictory expression won’t be fruitful).

Shine – Voice Game

An abstract game which will be played using voice input to create elements and have interactions with the game world to make meaningful interactions.

What is the meaningful interaction? Still figuring out…

Kinect – Affliction/Accumulation

You control a character afflicted by visual representations of their guilt, depression, and mental illnesses. Their movement is weighed down by barnacle-like creatures that are attached to the character’s body and worm-like creatures that grow within the character. You, as the player, must physically shake off these parasites and/or destroy them in some other way by moving your body. Your actions can inadvertently generate more creatures if they cause the character more pain. Part of the game is recognizing which actions are hurtful through trial-and-error.

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Voice Game (Mark Strelow)

A narrative game where a narrator reads the story, but certain key words are left left unspoken. As the player, you have to say these words, and depending on certain aspects of your speech, the progression of the plot is affected. I’m not sure what would be checked, but maybe the tone and speed of what you say will determine the changes.

Voice – Abuse/Retaliation

Direct a child-like organism’s emotional and mental growth using voice. Modulate tone, pitch, and volume to reprimand and “punish” the organism as it reacts to other stimuli. Use psychological techniques like operant conditioning to manipulate the organism’s long-term behavior. Your goal is to riddle the organism with anxieties, phobias, and nervous tics until it is unable to function. The organism may lash back if provoked too suddenly or for too sustained a period.
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Face – Z

Face Yoga

A game that turns your everyday beauty process into a fun and cute journey game. It’s like you looking into a mirror of yourself but seeing an computer vision augmented you. When you breath in the air, you’re collecting curious seeds. Hold the breath, keep the seeds, blow up your mouth to help the seeds sprout (the “flower” will cover your *-like mouth during the exercise ). Every time you change your mouth shape you’re helping the creature move towards the destination. Funny graphic effects can be added, or it could also be directed into a music game.

OSCVoice: Hush Now

There are creatures loose in the city. As the city bard, you must serenade them to sleep with a proper lullaby. If the military succeeds in killing the creatures before you can prove that it is peaceful by lulling it into submission with your angelic voice, you lose.

Face Game (Mark Strelow)

A staring-contest fighter where if you blink, you are left vulnerable. Possibly the other controls are mapped to face movements as well, but not necessarily. You have to stay focused and react, while also making sure not to blink. The fighting would be simple, maybe just one button to attack and one button to defend.


A platformer entirely controlled by face movements, where you blink to jump. If the face recognition is good enough to do this, the environment would change very slightly every time you blink, so that you might not notice it at first, but over time the changes build up. Maybe different mouth movements control running speed, like smiling makes you run faster and frowning makes you stop.

Body: Red Light, Green Light

Your character runs forward. If you lean your body left or right, you will strafe to that side. You are watching for the enemy boss at the end of a hallway–if they have their back turned, you can run toward them. If they turn around, you need to hide behind shelter by running to a blind spot and putting your hands on your head. If the boss catches you, you’re dead, so don’t get caught.

Voice – Z

Voice is the natural instrument, not only when you’re singing, but also speech – languages have have their rise and fall and rhythm too. The player will be using their own voice to create a city and a city orchestra.

Graphic: Wave shape -> city landscape; frequency as the building color.

Sound: Voice -> city sounds

The player will be guided to record different kind of sounds correspond to each city objects, still with a lot of creative space. The sounds will be carefully manipulated to create a city soundscape.Then a 24hrs city shifting will be played – from still to dynamic, silence to sounds. The sounds recorded from the player will be re-organized to give the player a musical experience of their own voice.

No Awkward PLS – Tyler’s Body game

A non-visual game where you try to find a target in the space around you; sound can indicate how close you are to the target. Story: ghost dating simulator, you are going on a date with your ghost partner and there are various things you want to do with your lover (hold hands, kiss, get third base). However, you can’t see the ghost so you have to be careful not to touch inappropriate places!!!!!!!!!! Can substitute imaginary friend from second grade with ghost.

What’s that?? – Tyler’s Face game

Maybe the idea I had where if you close you’re eyes the game gives more aural information. You’re looking for something in the game, and the target may make a small noise but if you close your eyes it would be easier to hear it. Obviously you need to open your eyes to navigate through the game. Other scenarios: you’re hiding from something approaching; you’re at a cocktail party and someone is calling your name; you are deactivating mines and you need to listen carefully to make sure you deactivate it properly; countless other possibilities.

Monster Party – Tyler’s Voice game

You’re stuck in a place with a bunch of monsters. The monsters make noises to communicate with each other, and you have to imitate the noises of the monsters around you (loudness and pitch recognition) so you aren’t eaten. However, there are different monsters around, and so you have to change your imitation to fit what monsters are around you (maybe you can move on your own too). Also, if you are with a group of A monsters and there is a group of B monsters trying to eat the A monsters, you have to switch your imitation from monster A to monster B so that you fit in with the more powerful monster.

Lukes Voice Idea!

Use your voice to manipulate a wave to push a ball into the opponents hoop. The higher your pitch your wave bumps closer to the center of the field of play, and the more volume to your voice the larger/more powerful the bump is.

Luke’s Kinect post!

SIMPLE! Make a kinect program which is essentially an interface for a synthesizer with a looping/recording feature. Kind of a futuristic interface kinda like avatar. It also allows for automation of track facets based upon movement, either going to use a custom made simple sequencer, or use a fully functional one such as Ableton running in the background, handling the inputs the kinect interface generates. Ok, maybe not so simple, but super awesome.


1. Voice input game: You’re stuck in a place with a bunch of monsters. The monsters make noises to communicate with each other, and you have to imitate the noises of the monsters around you (loudness and pitch recognition) so you aren’t eaten. However, there are different monsters around, and so you have to change your imitation to fit what monsters are around you (maybe you can move on your own too). Also, if you are with a group of A monsters and there is a group of B monsters trying to eat the A monsters, you have to switch your imitation from monster A to monster B so that you fit in with the more powerful monster.

2. Face input game: Maybe the idea I had where if you close you’re eyes the game gives more aural information. You’re looking for something in the game, and the target may make a small noise but if you close your eyes it would be easier to hear it. Obviously you need to open your eyes to navigate through the game. Other scenarios: you’re hiding from something approaching; you’re at a cocktail party and someone is calling your name; you are deactivating mines and you need to listen carefully to make sure you deactivate it properly; countless other possibilities.

3. Body input game: A non-visual game where you try to find a target in the space around you; sound can indicate how close you are to the target. Story: ghost dating simulator, you are going on a date with your ghost partner and there are various things you want to do with your lover (hold hands, kiss, get third base). However, you can’t see the ghost so you have to be careful not to touch inappropriate places!!!!!!!!!! Can substitute imaginary friend from second grade with ghost.

3 Ideas for Monday

Direct a child-like organism’s emotional and mental growth using voice. Modulate tone, pitch, and volume to reprimand and “punish” the organism as it reacts to other stimuli. Use psychological techniques like operant conditioning to manipulate the organism’s long-term behavior. Your goal is to riddle the organism with anxieties, phobias, and nervous tics until it is unable to function.
You control a character afflicted by visual representations of their guilt, depression, and mental illnesses. Their movement is weighed down by barnacle-like creatures that are attached to the character’s body and worm-like creatures that grow within the character. You, as the player, must physically shake off these parasites and/or destroy them in some other way by moving your body.
You are an orator. Command a political party with your facial expressions, which might include anger, sympathy, determination, and vengeance. The appropriate expression depends on your current goal, the mood of your crowd, and current political trends (e.g. if your party is vilified in the media, an angry, contradictory expression won’t be fruitful).

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So my idea was to make a game about controlling the three heads of Cerberus. To elaborate for those who aren’t familiar, Cerberus is a fearsome three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the entrance to the Underworld.

There are two ways I was thinking of to go about this: Having 3 players control a head each, or having one player control all three heads.

3 Players:

Each player uses a controller(Plain old game controller or possibly Wiimote) to control the movement of the heads, and to bite and bark at the pitiful residents of the Underworld to keep morale down. The goal will be to keep watch over the entrance of the Underworld and eat any living people trying to rescue their loved ones from an accursed existence. The heads work mostly independently, but some tasks will require multiple players to work together.

I also thought about alternative interfaces like the Leap motion or the Kinect, but I’m not sure if it’s feasible with 3 players.

1 Player:

Use three(or more) buttons to control each of the heads. I imagine it to be a Papers, Please kind of thing were you have to let only dead people through into the underworld, and eat the live ones. You would also have to deal with the occasional escapee (Who can blame them? Shit sucks when it’s always 1000 degrees inside). The difficulty would come from managing all three heads at once, and keeping Hades happy at the end of the day. I also want there to be a boss fight with Hercules at some point.

Alex Lee – Body/Space Ideas

I proposed this: “Your body is a landscape, move to influence the topography, ecosystems, and civilizations that live on your surface”. займ по паспорту на карту без отказа без звонков

The basic idea is to use physical motions to manipulate the shape and dimensions of a space. The the type of motions and the nature of the space could be anything. Here are some possibilities:

-Time is spatially mapped on your body – the center of your body represents the present, and the further out you go the further in the past the corresponding event is. Manipulate your outer body and extremities to change your past and create a new present for yourself.

-Your mind/psyche is mapped spatially on your body, contort your body to “activate” certain emotions. One possibility is that you suffer from anxiety and/or depression and must react to new stimuli. Body-based input might give more resonance to a game like this because your mental/emotional processes are linked to your physical state rather than more

-Two armies are fighting on a battlefield, and you want one to win, but you can’t control them directly. Manipulate elevation to give your automated army an advantage (either by adding high grounds, restricting or funneling movement, creating inescapable troughs, etc.).

-Interact with a body of water by manipulating elevation. Create waves, floods, tsunamis, whirlpools, redefine landmasses. You also affect the marine life, geology, and topography of the area, possibly creating or destroying ecosystems.

-Indirectly control the movement and growth of nomadic tribes by manipulating elevation with your body. The composition of the land and its ecosystems change depending on its elevation relative to its surroundings.

-A system whose components can be displaced and rearranged by your body movements. One example is an office in which you can change the arrangement of the desks and cubicles to facilitate interaction between new groups of people and to mix up the “production pipeline”, possibly leading to a more effective or efficient result. Other possibilities include cities, assembly lines, art studios, etc. This game gives organic control over a system normally perceived as quantitative and/or rigid.

-Rearrange a text using your body. You obliterate and/or reorder meaning using physical actions. If it is a longer work, like a novel, you might make more meaningful “edits” by shifting around entire sections.

-Control the topography of the sky, maybe redefining the boundaries between atmospheric layers with your body. Allowing different layers of atmosphere to interact will create strange weather phenomena that affects the land below.

-Body-based input is imperfect, and will have imperfect results. The desire is to give immediate visual feedback to the player, to help “calibrate” their movements as much as possible, but it might be interesting to withhold that information, so that they have to make already imprecise decisions based on limited feedback. One possibility is to describe the results of your actions in sentences rather than visuals. The game Nested ( plays with the idea of presenting a complex concept using procedurally generated keywords rather than visuals. One idea is a game in which you raise and lower levels of unrest in a country (mapped spatially to your body). For every person that dies, you get the sentence “[insert name] has died due to [insert cause]”. Ambiguous feedback like this makes the player question the morality or purpose of their actions. Another possibility is to flood the player with information, like in Nested, so that it becomes difficult to find important feedback amongst the noise (for example, a game about colliding stars in which the player receives a huge amount of scientific jargon describing every chemical reaction occurring in the stars).

I’m concerned about how accurate the “body-mapping” is and what its limitations are. I would be happy use other input systems, like gesture or voice, if the body thing doesn’t work out. I also have no programming or modeling experience in 3D, so I imagine the visuals will be in top-down 2D (possibly using colors to depict elevation).

Many of the above ideas impose non-spatial concepts (time, emotions, etc.) onto spaces, which feels artificial to me, like there’s a dissonance between the input system and the game narrative/theme. I’m not sure whether that’s a problem.

I am currently most interested in the last idea (non-visual or otherwise imperfect feedback).
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alex lee 50 ideas

hi, i used our next units as prompts, enjoy. Advance cash loans online with no credit check.

1. Try to illicit a kiss from an NPC face using pleading and seductive expressions.
2. You must invent an expression unique and charismatic enough to become your “trademark” (see Blue Steel in Zoolander).
3. You are shown the expressions of a famous figure (a leader, a terrorist, a murderer, an actor, etc.) culled from footage and must attempt to copy them in real-time, giving you new insight into them.
4. You are an infant and attempt to mimic the facial expressions of your parents.
5. You must convey a concept (a joke, an ideology, etc.) using only expressions. You can compare your attempts to others.
6. You must use outrageous expressions to simulate a werewolf (or other supernatural creature). You succeed if you scare the NPC children.
7. You move through phases of a date and must make appropriate facial expressions for each phase. Different gameplay for men and women.
8. You are a public figure and must maintain certain expressions on stage for extended periods.

9. You must simulate being dead in order to avoid the detection of a civilian-killing terrorist.
10. Your body is a landscape, move to influence the topography, ecosystems, and civilizations that live on your surface.
11. You simulate various animals’s movements with your body, like running on all fours or squirming on the ground.
12. Your avatar is constrained by chains, like Houdini, and their limbs are linked to nodes on your limbs/body. You must escape your bonds.
13. You adjust your posture according to the situation (a date, a meeting, a confrontation, etc.).
14. Simulate a dangerous activity with your body, like walking on the International Space Station.
15. You draw attention from the opposite gender. Accept or reject them using appropriate body language.
16. You control an old or ill character and must move your body according to the in-game limitations (see the grandma in The Graveyard).

17. You are being abused. Scream loud and long enough to draw a passerby’s attention.
18. Alternatively, you abuse others. Reinforce destructive habits via periodic insults. Tone, pitch, and volume matter.
19. Attempt to mimic a child’s voice in order to lure and kill other children.
20. Your voice is translated into a spectrograph, which becomes the landscape for another game (e.g. a tower defense, an adventure game, a weather manipulation game, etc.)
21. An intrigue/diplomacy game only using voices. Everyone can hear what everyone else is saying. You can “whisper” to certain people, but the command to whisper must first be spoken aloud.
22. Record sounds that then live in a virtual space, like animals. Their behavior and nature depends on the sound.
23. Mimic recordings of bird calls in order to attract them. Eventually, you must make the sounds without hearing the recording first.
24. Plead with a lover to forgive you. Pitch, volume, and tone at the appropriate timings matter.
25. Repeat a speech as it is being read to you. It might be hateful or intolerant in content, and gives you new perspective on it.

26. Hold touch sensors to hold someone down in-game. It might be ambiguous to the player whether this is a sexual, intimate, abusive, or violent action.
27. Slap touch sensors to hit someone in-game as punishment.
28. Touch a repulsive object to perform a sexual act in-game.
29. Manipulate a physical object that is representative of an in-game object, like the Katamari Damacy yoga ball. Touch spots on the physical object to affect the game world (like touching spots on a globe to congregate tribes of nomads in-game).
30. Touch sensors on your body to cut or mutilate yourself in-game.
31. Knead an amorphous object to masturbate in-game.

32. Give a man a handjob via gestures. The better you perform, the more money you earn.
33. You are an exorcist. Pull upwards to pull the devil out of its host.
34. Create stars by sweeping together cosmic matter with your hands and forming a chemical reaction.
35. You are a professional video game player and must simulate the hand gestures they make during a match.
36. Introduce precise control and creativity into a normally rote activity in games, like digging or crafting.
37. Control puppets using your hands, and play out various ordinary and absurd domestic situations using them as characters.
38. You are a preacher and must use gestures to emphasize your points.
39. Employ powerful hand gestures while making speeches as a political leader. The intensity and tone of your gestures must fit various situations.
40. Use hand gestures to control the eye movement of your in-game character (each hand is mapped to one eye). Vision plays an important role, like with the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who.
41. Attempt to kill yourself (you control a knife with your hands). If you don’t slice quickly and cleanly enough, you’ll die excruciatingly.

No Screen
42. You are Phil Fish. Perform actions and the game updates a Twitter account with an exaggerated version of what you did.
43. Create a character and the game dispenses condiments onto your meal depending on the weight and suspected dietary habits of your custom character.
44. Perform terrorist attacks. Your only feedback is auditory news reports that describe the results of your actions.
45. You are a slave. Perform routines correctly or the game shocks you. Alternately, it tightens a leash around your neck.
46. Perform actions and the game outputs programming code indicating what changes you’ve made, and you must understand it in order to understand how to proceed.
47. A game that subscribes you to a random magazine or newsletter whenever you press a button.

48. You wake up in a hospital after failing to commit suicide. You must handle questions from family and friends while remaining sane and piecing your psyche together.
49. Assemble a league of woman pioneers, such as Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf.
50. You are a public advocate for a cult posing as a transformative rehab center. You must attract, isolate, indoctrinate, and enslave addicts who seek your help.

50 Game Ideas – MacKenzie Bates

My 50 game ideas! Let me know which ones are you favorite! 🙂

  1. It is pre-Hurricane Katrina. The storm is approaching. You must use politicians to create a human wall to help seal the levy and save New Orleans from reality.
  2. A mobile app where you blow into a breathalyzer and you can only send texts if you are drunk. The game part of it is trivia based where you have to correctly remember when and to who you sent the text.
  3. A permadeath MMO RPG which is a game of musical chairs. Players must find chairs hidden in-game and sit in them.
  4. A game about self restraint and obesity. The input device is a slice of pizza.
  5. A puzzle game where color is over-used to the point that a player has an extreme advantage if they are color-blind.
  6. A game about dreams and nightmares. It only allows the user to play between 3-6AM.
  7. A mobile resource gathering game. Where the amount of resources you gather determines how long you get to use your phone the next day.
  8. Phone Olympics. Compete against your friends in high jump (throwing your phone the highest), sprinting (sliding your phone the fastest) & gymnastics (making your phone flip and spin the most)
  9. An online multiplayer gambling game where you bet your passwords to social networks, email services & banking accounts.
  10. At the start of the game you must give your cell phone number. The game is about being a horrible. The worse you are the more your phone number is posted online.
  11. A game set in a war zone after the battle. You must clean up and repair the destroyed city. As you are doing so you see ghosts and see what the dead soldiers and civilians lives use to be.
  12. An artsy adventure game which is largely based on light and shadows. The game is connected to a complex light system that adjusts depending on what is happening in game.
  13. A game about “the walk of shame”. After you complete the walk, a tweet from your account is sent that says how ashamed you are of what you did last night. Thus making it seem real to others.
  14. A GTA V mod where every time the player kills someone in game a small donation is made to community charities in the LA area.
  15. It is a music game where the top players’ music is streamed live online.
  16. It is a word arrangement game. You get more points for making sentences that sound uneducated and purposely offensive. After the time runs out the sentences you are made are rapped to you by the computer.
  17. A game about peeing. Control the speed, aim and either you put up the seat as you attempt to pee as quickly as possible. Misaim or hit the seat and you will lose points for angering your girlfriend.
  18. A heartbeat sensor is attached to you. You must keep your heartbeat high enough, but you must also move your character around a dangerous cliff side which requires precision.
  19. You are a college student who is working to pay for school. Manage your schedule and bank account to avoid being kicked out of school for late payments.
  20. A game where your character is super far from a bathroom and must run to it in time. If you fail, your crotch is squirted with water.
  21. A COD mod where every time you die in-game a small donation is made to an American Veterans charity.
  22. A bar simulator game where you must make your bar as “hip” as possible to stay open. Do things like remove your sign or serve only gin in mason jars.
  23. As a wannabe fratstar you must prove your worthiness in this rush/hazing simulator
  24. It is London in WWII. You must run around the city as a courier while avoiding air raids. If you are killed your phone is text bombed.
  25. A game about ponzi schemes & deception. The game harvests bit coins on users’ computers as they play the game. I keep the bit coins.
  26. You are city’s traffic control system. Correctly time street lights to cause the biggest car crashes possible.
  27. You are a US military drone. You must drop bombs to kill terrorists. For each person killed in-game, you are texted a name of an innocent person killed by a drone attack.
  28. A Facebook game where you are an assassin. You are given objectives to eliminate friends. After you complete the task in-game you are unfriended in Facebook.
  29. A mobile game that monitors what other games you play and questions why you are playing them and if you like them more. It will complain that you don’t spend enough time playing it.
  30. You are given an objective and to accomplish it you must hurt and wrong innocent people in game. Once you have completed the objective, everyone you wronged finds, tortures and sets you on fire. The end screen reads “You Lose.”
  31. You are a sprinter. You move your character by making a Barbie doll look like it is running. Think QWOP.
  32. A game where you are an insomniac sheep herder because one of your sheep refuses to be counted. Go around punching sheep.
  33. NPCs in-game insult the user the longer they play the game in a single day. The user can pay a small amount each day for the NPCs to be nicer to them.
  34. A mobile pedometer game where your in-game character levels up and earns more rewards when you walk less.
  35. Call of Duty mod where every time the player is shot in-game they are shot by an air-soft gun in real life.
  36. A fighter game where to attack an enemy you must punch a cute stuffed animal.
  37. A simple one button runner game where if you fall the chair you are sitting in falls backwards as do you.
  38. As the big bad wolf, you run around building down buildings by blowing them down. Input device is user blowing.
  39. A horse racing game where you make your horse run by clapping coconut halves together.
  40. You are a starving photographer. You earn more money for taking more artsy and abstract photos.
  41. A game about making decisions. For each decision made a pill is dispensed. The pills range from sugar to pain killers to cyanide. You have to take the pill.
  42. The user opens the game. The top reads “Loading” and there is the spinning beach ball. This is actually the game. It is a maze/puzzle game.
  43. You are a buildings control system. The building is under-attack. You have limited backup resources. Reactivate select systems & lights to help security.
  44. It is after a major war battle that your side lost. You can selectively bring your dead soldiers back alive to fight and retake the territory.
  45. You are a club bouncer. You must manage the line of people trying to enter the club to keep correct male/female and hot/ugly ratios in the club. At the end of the game you try to get into the club but the manager says you are too ugly.
  46. As a college’s sole admission board member you must decided to accept or reject students based over their applications.
  47. You are dance beat. You must flow through people in a club and make them move as you want.
  48. Invaders are trying to attack your country. You are the plant bamboo. You must grow strategically to attack as a wall to protect your home land.
  49. As a computers firewall you must protect the computer from viruses and from hacking attempts from Anonymous.
  50. You are a banana. You must avoid hungry monkeys. The input device is a banana.

Bubble Escape – Andre, Shine, Zhen

Bubble Escape

Theme: Eternity

Sensor: Photoresistors

Our game is a time-based runner where the player is a bubble/balloon that must navigate through a vertical tunnel by contracting itself to squeeze through cracks, and expand itself to pick up time+ power-ups. The levels are procedurally generated and with enough time power-ups, the player could play this forever.

We used 3 different photo-resistors to control the player’s width, height, and luminance. Various situations would force the player to think about how to conform to the surrounding environment in order to procede before continuing.

The goal of the game is to stay alive as long as possible.



[DOWNLOAD] Initial bubble squeeze test (with Arduino)







[DOWNLOAD] Gameplay Prototype (without Arduino) 


Analog Game: Performance Anxiety



The Theme: Labor

The Device: Flex Sensor

Squeeze the flex sensor to show your bosses that you can keep up with the excessively demanding corporate work environment.  The on-screen chart tracks your productivity and provides an absolute measure of your insignificance.  Enjoy inspirational quotes as you work yourself towards a state of complete dissatisfaction and impotence.


Collin and Ziyun


Sneak-Up-On-The-Monster game

The hurdle we’re working on currently is finding a stable application for the IR sensor. Due to its erratic output, we haven’t been able to determine a stable pattern from which we can derive a fun game. We’re considering using a hot/cold mechanic through the use of ice and fire, but we are unsure how to proceed and would welcome instructional input.

Analog Game: Alex Lee and John Brieger


Theme: Micro
Sensor: Microphone

Our game is about micromanagement and the player assumes the role of a depressed/oppressed worker in a factory.  Our game has / will have (given that it isn’t done) entirely audio feedback/ story progression, as a voice directs you to follow a beat.  It will proceed as a simple pattern matching game up until the player decides to create a rhythm on their own.   At that point, the game becomes  branching narrative, in which the player can “break out” of their current environment by creating new beats and keeping them consistent.

We’ll edit/update this post as we make more progress.

Lonely Pizza (Mark Strelow and Luo Yi Tan)

This is the prototype for our analog game. It uses two slide potentiometers. One controls the character’s hand, and the other controls the temperature of the pizza. The hotter the pizza, the quicker you can eat, but the more likely you are to get burned. If you move your hand away too quickly, he will drop the pizza, so you need to be careful.

This game is about a man that never leaves his home, but has a crush on the woman who delivers his pizza. Seeing her increases his motivation, so you want to finish the pizza as fast as possible to be able to order another pizza and see her again. If you take too long, however, his motivation decreases. The goal is to increase his motivation so that he eventually talks to her.

In the current prototype, only the pizza-eating gameplay is shown. The story elements of the game would be implemented through small cutscenes, after each pizza is finished.

Link to the Processing and Arduino code:

The Guide – MacKenzie Bates & Heather Cowie

Tilt, shake and coax the accelerometer into guiding a soul towards the light of salvation as the soul tries to deviate course as do humans’.

Prevent the soul from crossing the bold white lines that define morality and entering in to the red lines of sin.

Download Processing & Arduino Code: HERE

Download MMA-7361 Accelerometer Library (Required to run Arduino code): HERE

Alternative Idea:

Same gameplay mechanics, but instead the art is switched so that you are an altar boy/girl attempting to carry an oversized and hard to manage pitcher of wine down the aisle to the altar without spilling the wine by running into the pews.

One Button Game: Boreas and Zephyrus

Boreas and Zephyrus is a one button game about two dueling wind gods.  Boreas, god of the frozen northern wind, attempts to steer a drifting boat to his icy isle.  His brother Zephyrus, god of the warm western wind, attempts to steer the boat towards a tropical paradise.  Each player assumes the role of a wind god and attempts to create eddies and currents to accomplish their goals and thwart their opponent.  Pressing their button launches their god across the screen, realistically affecting the fluid simulation in the center area.

Mac Prototype Demo
Windows 32bit

bankRun – one button game.

The motivation behind this idea was to create a game that was not centered around trying to get as much input out of one button as possible (i.e press, hold, quick tap etc.) but making the button press be something monumental that players do once per game. To achieve this I wanted the button press to be something players would have to deliberate and plan, based on the group dynamics of who they were playing with.

The broad gameplay is to try to wait out as long as possible to sell (hit the button) without waiting too long until everyone sells before you. Since if a group of players sell it will crash the stock.

Text updates notify everyone the stock price…

The stock price moves randomly around a value based on how many players are left, there also exists some upper bound which is exponential to the number of players. So it only needs to be worried about when there are a few players left.

So why would someone want to hold their stock? For any stock price that exists, there exists a point in the future where the stock price is higher (for a reasonably high number of players). It gets increasingly unlikely, but is guaranteed to happen probabisticly. However, this is if no one else sells, since once a majority of players sell the value of the stock and its upper bound will decrease.  So from the point of view of a player they want to wait until a stock price that they are confident in, such that the risk of waiting for a higher one is outweighed by the risk that everyone will sell before then. Essentially everyone needs to try to predict when they think others will sell and sell it right before the rush. Since once some amount of momentum is gained it will force the other players to get to the bank as fast as possible.

So why wouldn’t I sell right away? Well this partial depends with the people you are playing with. Consider this situation, player A sells right away for the starting price. One player out of many will not effect the stock a noticeable amount, the likelihood it will go above this starting price soon is almost guaranteed. So player A has guaranteed themselves an average return, which may be desirable for some.

A harmonic oscillator with random variance damped by the price max may be a better way to stimulate the stock as opposed to the current drunk walk it does. I will have to experiment with it.

code here –


AndreLe – Spark

Spark is a king-of-the-hill type of game in which players must either remain the last one standing, or be the first to deplete their bar. The game is played with the Makey Makey, where all players stand on a conductive pad which represents a key. Players interact with the game by touching another conductive object on a table. This closes the loop and counts as a button press.

Players can deplete their bar by being the only player pressing the button. If another player is also pressing a button, a circle grows from the middle and will eliminate players as it grows beyond them. Touching another person’s skin while they are touching the button will also count as 2 button presses.

Download source and compiled versions here

one-button prototype

here’s my shit prototype, it’s part of a conversation game where you press to change your answer. the red text represents your boss and the blue text represents you. if you don’t press anything, it’ll run through the conversation and end. press SPACE right after your boss finishes talking to give a more confrontational answer. you can also press SPACE while he’s talking to cut him off, but that glitches on the first line. currently it has no effect on his next lines so there’s no real point. press UP to restart, but only do it after the conversation’s finished. there’s sound, so put on headphones. быстрый займ на месяц без процентов

the real game will be way different than this, it’s about getting a raise and you have to control your boss’s mood (represented by variables for rapport and flow). all of the stuff here is just a placeholder. right now it’s like a choose your own adventure, which wasn’t what i was going for at all, it should involve more strategy and be a real ‘game’.
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download and unzip to play (i couldn’t get text to work in browser):

One Button Game – Zhen Geng & Ziyun Peng

We’re making a runner music game where the player hits objects to trigger musical sounds. The cool part of the runner game is that it’s very time based as music is essentially the art of time. The platform is moving according to the tempo of the composed music, objects are placed at musical beats.

It has 3 states:



Power Jump (you can only hit musical objects in this mode)

Download [here].

MacKenzie’s and Tyler’s Game – Respawn

Hi everyone, we have a link where you can play with what we’ve made so far here:

 In Respawn, the player explores what happens in the game after the main character is out of “lives,” basically starting at the point of Game Over. The main mechanic is that the player uses a single button to make the dead character’s soul move between living things on the map. Originally, this was going to be an alternative platformer puzzle, in which you try to shift between elements to get to the goal (a beam of light) that takes you to the next level.

After further consideration, the game is going to be an open-world exploration, in which there is a large map that the player can explore (as a soul), and progressively collect information about why the main character died. This story unravels based on the player’s decisions of where to explore, and into what “things” to move the soul–a short narrative is told by the object the soul is occupying. This does remove the notion of “losing and winning,” but some penalizing/awarding mechanics can be made (such as collecting artifacts, resolving a storyline, running into a “dead” end).

It would be really great if you have suggestions or feedback!

Flatland Perils

You play as a square in flatland. You have to navigate perilous regions in 2D space to get to the glowing end goal. If you hit special powerups, the camera pans down and you are thrown into a 3D view with new world rules. Shine Li and Marlena Abraham.


So the idea behind this project was to have endangered animals fall down onto earth, and holding down the spacebar would expand the earth to allow you to catch the animals. The idea is to avoid the “not cute” animals.

Now not broken!

Link here:

We also made another prototype based on the suggestions we received in class. Here you hold down the button to either expand or shrink the circles(planets). The goal is to avoid letting the projectile crash into the circles.

Link here:

The idea is that the planets themselves have a gravitational pull, so there would be a challenge to balance shrinking and expanding the planets. We haven’t implemented the gravity yet, so all you can do right now it expand and contract the planets.


One Button Game: Collector’s Item


The game is Collector’s Item. Your mouse is broken but that cannot stop you from adding to your collection.  Add the items to your shopping cart by launching your mouse at the “Add to Cart” button. You can send it forward by holding the mouse button and releasing it. The longer you hold, the stronger the thrust will be. Watch out, you might get your item but the packaging will get in your way.

Collin Burger