Assignment: No tech game

For this assignment you have three options:

A. Develop the prototype you made on Wednesday into a robust and properly documented game. There were some good half ideas, but nothing that did not need a couple of extra iterations.

B. Create a game for the The Kraus Campo, which is the garden behind the CFA building designed by conceptual artist Mel Bochner. Extra points if the game relates with the themes of the original work. More info about the garden here.

C. If you have an idea for a similar game that you think is really good you can pitch a new prototype, ignoring all the constrains except for the no-computers one.

You can work with the same groups you worked on Wednesday or go solo if your schedule doesn’t work out.
You have to test the proposal at least once with actual humans, not just in your mind.

Regardless of what option you choose, the proposal should be playable by max 15 people on Monday 9 with minimal set up, so bring all the material you need.

Additionally, post a the instructions for the game on the blog, with at least a picture of people playing and optional schemes. The wiki ludocity as good examples of game documentation.

Note: the “no tech” requirement is not super rigid. You can use props and objects, even small apps (like a random number generator for example) if you really want. I just don’t want to hear excuses about your gadgets not working.

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