Assignment: One Button Prototype

Make a prototype for a one button game, the general theme will be randomly assigned to your group (2 people).

  • It must not be a standard runner like Canabalt etc.
  • The software part must be playable: the core mechanics have to be there in some form, not just abstract ideas.
  • The visuals can be placeholders, but if so create a mock-up of a screenshot that give an idea of the final look and feel.
  • The hardware can and should be non-standard: the switch can be integrated into a sculpture, it can be something you step on, a soft switch you wear, put in your mouth, or hit with something, it can be placed in a specific place and time, etc. Think expansively about both input and output, this is not a product that has to hit the shelves. If technically challenging the hardware part can just be sketched.
  • Avoid one liners like fart-button apps, you want to make something with some degree of depth, something that can be played multiple times.
  • It can be multiplayer game.
  • For testing purposes let’s all agree that the button is mapped on the SPACE keystroke.

Besides the examples we saw in class you can check this old article for inspiration.

Post an entry on the blog with a screenshot, all the info, and a link to the prototype.

Due date Wednesday 18.

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