Flavor Change – Rachel, Maryyann, Michelle

Mating Season (Cuttlefish Style)

In a Kelp Field where 3 Cuttlefish try to woo some females:
3 Cuttlefish start with 5 Flurts + 3 Flurts in the pool (center of the table)
Each turn Cuttlefish take a decision in Rock Paper Scissors style. Cuttlefish can choose Alpha Brawl or Gender Bend.
There are 4 possible outcomes:
Alpha Dominance – one player chooses Alpha Brawl: this player takes 1 Flurt from each other player.
Shmooze – two players choose Alpha Brawl: these players both give 1 Flurt to the third player.
Pissing Contest – three players choose Alpha Brawl: all players put 1 Flurt in the pool
Polyamory – three players choose Gender Bend: the player with most Flurts proposes once, without discussion nor barter, how to divide the pool. If at least one player agrees the decision becomes effective. Otherwise, nobody takes anything.
The mating season ends when the first player is out of Flurts the player with the most Flurts makes babies.

Sophomore in BCSA. Ayyyyy.