Tale of Tales

For my Homeplay Author, I was assigned a Belgian game developer company called Tale of Tales. All of the game plays featured some form of interactive role play, which initially seemed very mundane and pointless but all of them eventually turned into something eerily surreal.

My first gameplay was called “The Graveyard”, which was a simple third person game whose only goal was to get an elder woman from the entrance of the graveyard to a bench, and then to walk back.



The game was over all very simple and easy to maneuver, however it was oddly creepy at times. The lady would move painstakingly slow, and when honestly a world war could have began and ended by the time she finally sat down on her bench.

My next game was called “The Endless Forest”, which featured you as a mystical deer. This game is a 3D multiplayer game with a very “club penguin”-esque feel. There wasn’t really any point to the game, other than to interact with other deers around you by humping them or prancing on them.


I thought the game was really interesting in that it was super simple yet it was kind of fun to just mess around without any real goal.


The third game was called “Bientot L’ete”, which is french for “Soon it will be Summer(?)”

The gameplay here was a bit depressing mainly because the only commands you could do (at least to my knowledge) was to drink or smoke, or to close your eyes and listen to the music. The gameplay featured me playing chess with someone else on the internet, and the storyline basically forced us into admitting our love for each other.


Each time I placed a chess piece, I was allowed to make a new comment / response to the other person.