RobsTomb.exe 2

I consumed a Soylent bar and fell terribly ill with food poisoning. Ever since then I have had a serious compulsion to produce advertising media for Soylent.


I wanted to think grand, big ideas for what the burial place of a genius ,such as the creator of Soylent, would look like in a perfect world. Underscored by gold, for it’s opulence, white for the lifeblood of the creator, and black for the restraint of the cap, I put together a walk through the somber yet hopeful resting place of Rob Rhinehart. Try it for mac here. 

Yet this wasn’t enough, I wanted to think bigger. I designed a layout for the upper portion of the tomb, and how one would get to Rob’s eternal home. Below is an early sketch of the upper level.


The upper structure is designed after a classical Cathedral. The 6 areas of the structure contain the remnants of Rob’s Life’s work. The Soylent Powder, Drink, Coffee, Bar, Soma and LifeBlood. By finding one of each of these, a person may be granted access to the final chamber where they can put Rob to rest, once and for all.


Here’s an aerial view of the upper chamber.

Along the walls, messages from the creator give you purpose throughout your journey.


You can play through a demo of the upper chamber here. It’s not completed yet, but feel free to walk through.