I decreased the intensity of the directional and ambient light as much as possible, and instead chose to use different colored spotlights to light the scene. I changed the skybox to a dark color to make it seem like the room extends beyond the frame.

Battleship Rules(!)

For this project I downloaded an iPhone version of the game Battleship and decided to play it counterintuitively in a few different ways. Before each game, I gave myself a rule to stick to when choosing my target points.

Rule: Only shoot in an X-formation. I just wanted to see if there was an optimal way to hit as many ships as possible, and the X actually landed on several points, probably at least 3 different ships.


Rule: Try to avoid hitting any ships. Stop once you do. Basically you can play minesweeper with battleship???

Rule: Shoot at the same points on the enemy map where you put your own fleet. The other person did not catch on.

Rule: Copy the enemy’s moves. Complications arose when the enemy finally made a hit and got to go multiple times in a row (I did not think this through), but I stuck to it as best as I could by only placing my next hits only where the enemy has already struck. In the beginning I actually matched a lot of the hits.