7 Micro Games – Andrew Chang

Trap Tiles –  1+ Players. In a space where there are tiles of multiple colors, pick one color. You cannot walk on tiles with that color until you leave the space.

Fetus Deletus- 1+ Players. Pick a safe grass hill. Curl up into a fetal position and roll down the hill. The player who rolls the furthest wins. Tiebreakers decided by whoever looks the most pitiful.

Where Did it Go – 2+ Players. Find a friend who is eating a finger food. Stealthily steal said finger food without friend noticing. Alternate win condition: steal the last fry.

I’m Waiting For Someone – 2+ Players. Each player gets on separate lines. Let people pass in front until you can’t anymore. Last person to complete their transaction wins.

Bear Fruit – 2+ Players. All players decide on a plant which bears fruit. Acquire and plant a seed of said plant. Whoever bears fruit first wins.

Tearful – 1+ Players. Watch a very good movie. Whoever cries the most wins.

Facade – 1+ Players. Convince someone that a certain fictional event happened. You lose when your facade is broken and you are exposed as a liar.