7 Micro Games – Vic

Enemy Bracelet (2 player)

  1. Find an enemy and 2 pieces of string.
  2. Place the 2 pieces of string so that they make an X.
  3. Tie a knot at the center of the X.
  4. Face your enemy, so that you are both of you are holding 2 ends of the X.
  5. Begin tying knots as fast as you can working from the center of the X to the ends of the string.
  6. Who ever gets to the end of the string first wins.
  7. The loser must keep the strings and wear them as a bracelet as a reminder of their enemy’s triumph.

Don’t Say Fuck (4 or more players)

  1. Pick a word.
  2. No players are allowed to say this word for the rest of the day.
  3. If a player says the word they are eliminated.
  4. Pick a new word for the next day.
  5. Repeat until there is only one person left. They are the winner.

Slow Roast (2 players)

  1. Go to the post office and mail your friend an insult.
  2. They then, mail you and insult back in reply.
  3. Repeat this back and forth.
  4. The winner will be apparent.

Related Images (2 Player)

  1. A player initiates the game by texting their opponent a photo that they have stored on their phone.
  2. The opponent must then search their phone for the most similar image.
  3. The player then gives the opponent two scored from 0-3, 0 being the least similar to the image and then 3 being the most similar.
    • The first score is for how similar the content of the two photos is.
    • The second score is for how visually similar the two photos are.
  4. Now the player must search their phone for a images and send one to the opponent that is most similar to the one the opponent sent them.
  5. The opponent then scores the image the same way explained in 3.
  6. Repeat this back and forth for 15 rounds.
  7. Whoever has the highest score wins.
  8. Do not repeat images.
  9. Do not send images to purposefully make the opponent uncomfortable or upset.

The Long Youtube Game (1 player)

  1. Click on a Suggested video on the homepage.
  2. Watch till the end.
  3. Take the last word said in the video and type it into the search bar and hit enter. (If the video is without spoken or sung words then pick a new video).
  4. Click on the first suggested video.
  5. Watch till the end.
  6. Take the last word said in the video and type it into the search bar and hit enter.
  7. Repeat  4-6 until you get to a video you have already watched.

If you complete all the tasks you win. You may avoid or stop watching videos if you feel like they may contain disturbing, gross, or hurtful content for you. Play safe.

Send Noods (3 or more players)

  1. Create a group chat with all players.
  2. Take a photo whenever you eat noodles.
  3. When a player texts the group saying “Send Noods”, everyone must send a photo of the last noodles you ate.
  4. Whoever has the best photo wins the round.

Secret Note (3 or more players)

  1. Gather all players and then give a player a red card.
  2. Then disperse and then go about your day as usual.
  3. Whoever has the read card is “it”.
  4. The player who is “it” must give another player the card without the other player knowing. (ex: slipping it into a pocket, leaving it on a table for them, slipping it into a locker).
  5. Do not let anyone know you are playing the game. The game may cause you to perform odd behaviour, but you must keep the game a secret. If someone finds out about the game or asks you about your odd behaviour then the game is over.