7 Micro Games – Adam J. Thompson

Destination (single player): Choose a destination. With the explicit intention of reaching it, travel for as long as possible and take as many detours as possible in order to not reach it. As soon as you reach it, you lose.

How Do I Get Here from Here? (single aware player): The player chooses and goes to a geographic location. Upon arrival, the player asks passers-by how to get to the location in which they are currently standing. The first passer-by to not know is informed that they are the winner. The game resets and begins again.

Mark on the World (any number of players): Players lie down in an area with tall grass for ten minutes. Players then stand up and lie in the body-shaped indentation left by another player for an additional ten minutes. Players stand up again and examine the shapes. The winner is the player who caused the least deformation of the original body indentation.

Follow, Follow (any number of players): Players go out into the world. Each attempts to follow  another while avoiding being followed themselves. When a player is caught in the act of following, that player is eliminated. The final player is the winner. The game has no time limit.

Jinx (two players): The players read aloud simultaneously to one another – the reading material can be anything: book, magazine, play, website, cereal box, but the two texts must be in the same language. The players are winners as long as they never speak the same word at the same time. When this occurs, both players lose and the game ends.

Just the Facts (two players to begin): The players go to a crowded location together. The first player chooses a stranger whom the second player must approach and ask for a fact about themselves. Then vice-versa, and on and on. When a fact is given, the stranger is invited to join the game. If a player refuses to speak to a selected stranger, one of two scenarios occur: another player can steal the turn and speak to the selected stranger, and in doing so eliminate the shy player. If no players are willing to steal the turn, all players lose and the game ends.

You Are Nowhere (single player): A player goes for a walk. The player gets lost. As soon as the player is not lost, the player loses.