7 Micro Games – Sofia Syjuco

  1. Find a group of people who are moving together with a purpose. Join their group. Follow them as if you are one of their own.
  2. Start from the number 1. State a thing you have done once. Another player must one-up you and state something they have done twice. Each thing must be truthful. Continue.
  3. Pretend to sit down at a chair, squatting mid-air. Have someone copy the position and sit on your lap. Try and accumulate as many lap-sitters as possible.
  4. Link arms with another person. Walk like this. Accumulate more people to link arms with. The more the better. Do not separate, even if people need to get through.
  5. Make an assumption about your partner. If it is true, the game continues, and they take a turn. If untrue, you lose.
  6. Guess the time without looking at a clock, phone, or any time-keeping device.
  7. Choose a strange noise. Make this noise at people. You win if they copy the same noise and make it back at you, no questions asked.