Passer Blaster – Andrew Chang, Giada Sun, Lingdong Huang, Bryan Tiggs

Our first game, Get Off My Lawn, was unreasonably entertaining to play and watch. Three+ players would stake out equal, reasonably large plots of lawn (chosen either by themselves or by their opponents) that they must protect from passing bystanders. Whoever allows the most bystanders to walk through their lawn within a time limit loses.


Revisiting this product, we’re delivering a free patch for those who want to try this game a more casual and relaxing way to play. Three+ players can instead stake out equal but relatively smaller plots of land (for their opponents) that they hope bystanders won’t step on. Accosting strangers for invading your lawn is encouraged.


More exciting news however, we are revealing a sequel to Get Off My Lawn:

passer blaster-01

thing3 thing4

Passer Blaster a fresh take on the Discrimination/Intolerance and Non-Player involvement prompt. There was a time for words, but now is the time for action! Three+ players initially plant one mine in No Man’s Land (~12″ x 12″). If a bystander walks/bikes/drives over a player’s mine, that bystander dies (and cannot trigger another mine). That player crosses out the triggered mine and is able to plant two more (up to four total active mines). If anyone with a hat interacts with a mine, it is defused (players with zero mines can place a new one). Whichever player killed the most infidels within a given time limit wins!

The trailer for Passer Blaster:

A cleaner look at the gameplay: