I actually really enjoyed the prototyping reading, mostly because it reinforced and reminded me of some things I should do while prototyping.  In particular, I really liked the part about not just accepting your failures, but loving them.  The idea that you could show off a failure as something that was out there and missed was a good thing to remember.   One thing I hadn’t really thought of for group prototyping was the developing in parallel though.  I think its an awesome idea if the team can do a bit of everything.  I personally love being able to dabble in all parts of game creation, so it really appealed to me.

7 Daily Games

  1.  Constellations: Gather Friends or Acquaintances (preferably very freckly).  Grab a pen.  See how many constellations you can make on their body by connecting moles, freckles, scars etc.
  2. Go For It: Find the friend that doesn’t like hugs.  Convince them.  If you do, you win.  If you are that friend, convince yourself.
  3. SideWalk Chicken: Get as close as you can to the person walking towards you on the sidewalk without moving to the side.  If you move first you lose.
  4. Freedom From Commerce:  Compete with friends who can get things for free by simply asking nicely.  Categories for winning include Best Story and Most Interesting Object.
  5. Thesaurus Thesaurus: Find Friend to Play With.  Say “Thesaurus” then a word of your choosing.  Example: Ghost.  Other player must come up with another word for it.  Go back and forth until one player cannot think of another synonym.
  6. Broomstick on the Ceiling: Have a party.  Only drink alcohol when told to quiet down by neighbors.  Each knock on the wall counts as a shot.
  7. Google Translate Telephone: Find a Friend.  Write a sentence in your native language to any other.  Continue to translate the same sentence from whatever you got out of your first translation.  The person to make the sentence completely incomprehensible with the least number of translations wins.