Project: Abstract Sculptures – Angular vs organic

Make 2 (or more) abstract virtual sculptures:
One using box modeling technique. Maximum 30 triangles.
One using sculpting techniques. Maximum 2000 triangles (it can be decimated after sculpting)

– Sketch them on paper first and post the sketches.
– Each of them must be a single, “watertight” mesh (manifold).
– Make them look interesting from all angles. Put them in the interior museum scene and walk around it.
– Give them a distinctive silhouettes. You can post a version of it with unlit material and see if it reads.
– Assign them simple standard materials, don’t rely on texture and fancy shaders.

Some prompts:
Flame, Wave, Melting, Verticality, Spiral, Roundness, Blocks, Hole, Stretch, Gravity, Propping, Symmetry, Danger, Arc, Enclosure, Cone, Sphere.

Stuck? Look at for inspirations angular and organic


Exhibit them in the virtual museum like the previous projects.

Exercise: Box Modeling

Watch this intro video:


Recreate these shapes in Blender starting from primitives (cube, cylinder, sphere, plane) without using booleans or merging multiple objects.


You can use Zbrush for the “bouba” sculpture.

You may have to decimate the sculpted one to stay in the triangle budget.
You can try to bake details into a normal map following this process.


Ideas from actual sculptures


Cloud gate by Anish Kapoor

Kan Yasuda key to a dream

Minimalism, smooth

Richard Serra

Industrial aesthetic and materials, monumental

Barbara Hepworth

Arnaldo Pomodoro (original from the 60s)Hollowing, surface vs interior

Umberto Boccioni Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913)
Louise Bourgeois – Nature Study (1998)

Bodies abstracted

Constantin Brancusi, bird in space

Nature abstracted

Peter Randall

Primary form + patterning / detailing, biomorphic

Zhan Wang’s artificial rocks
my personal universe by zhan wang
Karma by Thaddeus Mosley (Pittsburgh based)

Nature abstracted / reworked

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