Project: Thing out of Things

Collect 20 models of everyday objects that are all the same, or belong to the same category. Use these objects as building blocks to create an object that in the process renders the original objects secondary (but not necessarily unimportant).
Feel free to alter the objects but keep them recognizable.
Based on Jessica Stockholder’s Open studio

First, make 3 sketches of your ideas and post them in #assignments as separate images. Add written notes if needed.


Download this Unity project

Download and install Blender, even if you are not using it, this project needs it
Download and install Unity
Download the project as Zip from the code button
Unzip it a location that makes sense like your external hard drive or the local document folder
Open it from the Unity hub
Select the editor you have installed
Ignore the various editor mismatch warnings, confirm
The first time it will take several minutes to open
Open the scene Museum or Desert

Full walkthrough here:



Watch the videos below by ___
Write down you questions and topics you’d like me to elaborate on.
Bring at least one question to class.

Blender: What is it? Why is the interface so weird? What are all these panels? How do I move/scale/rotate thing? What’s object mode and edit mode? How to snap to object and grids? What’s parenting? How to select things? What are vertices edges and faces?

Where do I find 3D models online? Is it cool? What should I look for? How do I import them in Blender?

Blender: Help! the model I imported is: untextured/ animated / all joined together in one object / not smooth / too detailed / too BIG / too SMALL / all messed up!

Unity Intro and setup

Since this assignments could involve just arranging object in space you can do most of the work in Unity.

Real world sculptures

Consonance by Grant Aston

Forever Bicycles – Ai WeiWei

Doris Salcedo – Untitled

Mike Kelley

Controller of the Universe by Damián Ortega

Some/One by Do Ho Suh
Based on a coat of traditional Asian armor, this sculpture is composed from thousands of polished military dog tags. As the title indicates, the work juxtaposes the collective-represented by the armored sculpture-and the individual-symbolized by the dog tags, each representing a single soldier.

“Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres
González-Torres’ partner Ross Laycock was diagnosed with AIDS, and died of it the same year as “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)’s creation. pile of candies should ideally weigh 175 pounds (79 kg)—Laycock’s body weight when healthy. Viewers are encouraged to take a piece and the artwork’s owner are to decide if it will be replenished.

Lynn Aldrich

Jessica Stockholder, Once upon a time

Yee soo Kyung Translated Vase_Nine Dragons in Wonderland
Yee soo Kyung Translated Vase_Nine Dragons in Wonderland