Project: Abstract sculptures – Blobs and Nurbs

Make two (or more) abstract sculptures:

One only using SDF (signed distance field) modelling techniques
Like Blender’s metaballs
or womp (export as obj and import in blender).

One only made of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines Modeling). Alternatively you can try:
Rhino used by architects and designers, installed on PC labs, possibly available on virtual andrew.
Plasticity non technical NURBS based tool. Free trial, still in beta.

– Sketch it first and post your sketch along with video and wireframes
– Think of it as a sculpture existing in a real space and subject to gravity. No more floating garbled junk please.
– Stay under 30K tris for each of them.
– Make it watertight, no holes, no self intersecting surface, or visible backfaces.
– You will have to also apply a solidify modifier to the NURB one
– You may have to convert your objects to meshes and decimate or retopologize them to stay in the budget (duplicate and keep an editable version of the sculpture).
– Pay attention to smoothing groups If it’s meant to look smooth, make it look smooth, if it has sharp edges, use the auto normal function.
– Use standard shader materials.

Metaballs intro

Nurbs intro