Project: Abstract sculpture – Material and Texture

Given a PBR material with a seamless texture, model a simple sculpture and texture it entirely with it

– Order: Sketch it -> model it -> unwrap it and texture it
– Let the material guide you but don’t be literal, you can work by contrast, conceptually or abstractly
– 30k triangle limit
– Any technique is allowed (you can use this assignment to make up for missing or incomplete exercises)
– Avoid visible seams, scale inconsistencies, and stretched textures. The materials are realistic, maintain the illusion
– You can tweak the material and textures
– You can use one other material of your choice
– No creatures

Student / material list

Link to the material folder, just download your folder and import it in Unity
To add: More materials here
AI generated?


Refer to the texturing exercises videos.
There will be many case-by-case situation that will call for more specific resources and techniques.

Blender doesn’t give you the ability to scale the UV map with the standard shader so you should use a tiling one to properly preview the material in Blender.

Download the project with the tiling material
file > append > materials > tiled
Or copy paste the sphere in your project.


Archaic period sphinx at the Met
Oliver Laric – Icon

In collaboration with 3D modellers, Laric has translated a reformation damaged icon from St Martin’s Cathedral, Utrecht, into a silicone mould from which a number of casts have been made. Each is identical in size and form, distinction coming only from their varied pigmentation. For Laric, these sculptures, their multiplicity, reflects a viable productive principle in iconoclasm.

Paper Mache Alebrije at the Museo De Arte Popular Mexico City – the style originated by one artist and spread all over in the 80

yoyoi kusama’s pumpkins

Material, scale, texture (albedo/diffuse in 3d terms)

Richard Serra outdoor metal sculpture close up
Richard Serra’s indoor metal sculpture Band – weathered steel aka corten
Sun Stand Still by Gal Weinstein.
Styrofoam, graphite, felt and steel wool
Zsófia Keresztes – form/surface contrast
Zsófia Keresztes

Baitogogo by Henrique Oliveira for Palais de Tokyo

Wim Delvoye – Dump Truck

High culture / low culture contrast. Style transfer?

Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons
Projects 92: Yin Xiuzhen – made of used clothes

[caption id="attachment_399" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Urs Fischer’s candle sculptures that slowly melt away

Do Ho Suh - Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home
Do Ho Suh – Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home


Do Ho Suh - home away from home
Do Ho Suh – home away from home

Tony Tasset Magnolias for Pittsburgh
Leandro Erlich: Order of Importance

Miami Beach. The sand replicas of vehicles frozen in time symbolize a harsh and rigid modernity that is at odds with natural and porous material of which they are made. Most of the vehicles are partially buried in the sand, which is intended to give the effect that they are submerged – a reference to rising sea levels caused by global warming

Material Speculations: ISIS by Morehshin Allahyari
Material Speculations: ISIS by Morehshin Allahyari