Project: Found and Remixed

Make a virtual sculpture using up to 3 found models of everyday objects.

– Don’t create a diorama! Use the objects as raw forms, play with scale, color, visual resonances and contrasts.

– It doesn’t have to follow the laws of physics but make it “stand” on the ground (or hang from the ceiling) as if it was an actual installation.

– No characters, no anthropomorphic animals or anthropomorphized things, possibly no creatures at all

Deliver into the virtual museum like the previous assignments.

Exercise I: Glitching hour

You have one hour to find a 3D object online with some baggage or embedded meaning and transform it through distortions, modifiers, and other processes.

– Think about what it means to mess with that particular thing.

– it’s easy to simply glitch out a model. Try to produce a mesh that is still correct and usable: no holes, no self-intersecting surfaces

Exercise II: Mash up

1- Generate a random word – select “nouns”, and don’t reroll, this is about finding unexpected things.
2- Look up the word on sketchfab, checking downloadable.
3- Find a common object (not characters, not scenes, not works displaying a personal style) that interests you due to its symbolic or iconic value. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes scrolling the results.
4- Make a sketch in which you combine it with another object (or two) to create new meanings, visual resonances, or to elicit a specific reaction in the viewer (surprise, hilarity, horror, disgust, reflection, etc…).
5- Repeat the process 3 times.

Post the 3 sketches separately in #assignment


Blender: Help! the model I imported is: untextured/ animated / all joined together in one object / not smooth / too detailed / too BIG / too SMALL / all messed up!

Blender mashups: how do I slice, join, combine objects?

Blender glitching: how do I select things like a pro? How to I join things? How do I edit meshes like they were made of rubber? How do I sculpt? What are modifiers?

Also check the lattice modifier, which I forgot to mention


Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali

Shape analogy, mimicry (as in an object tries to be something else), Sculptural mashup, Natural / artificial contrast.


Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp.

Cadeau by Man Ray

Making a functional object unusable

Jana Sterbak, Sisyphus Sport

Making a non functional object “usable”

Au Naturel by Sarah Lucas

Innuendo, abstraction, “portraiture”.
Can you make a portrait with objects?

Glitching reality

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen – soft viola

Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor

Prospect 4 by Margarita Cabrera
Erwin Wurm Fat Car
Erwin Wurm – Truck

Straightforward digital processes applied to traditional crafts and materials

Good Vibrations by Ferruccio Laviani
glitch rugs by faig ahmed
glitch rugs by faig ahmed
han hsu tung’s pixelated sculptures
Han Hsu Tung’s pixelated sculptures

Léo Caillard – marble busts