Project: morphing object

Model a thing that can be deformed through 3 or more blendshapes (aka shape keys).
Transfer it to the engine so it can be animated dynamically with oscillations or sound analysis.

– use only one mesh

– the thing can be object, plant, landscape, creature, abstract shape. If it’s a creature avoid using blendshapes for things that should be done with bone deformation (bending limbs etc) or lip synching (that’s potentially another exercise).

– if it uses sound try to establish a meaningful relationship between sound and shape of the thing (i.e. not just a dancing character)

– sketch the 3 blendshapes first

– there should be no state in which the deformations “break” the mesh (self intersecting surface, unwanted glitches)

Template for the Morphing object

Download it, unzip it and Add it from the unity hub (it will take a while the first time)


Adding a Unity project from github

Morphing object – how to use the template above