Game Ideas

1. The little girl and her pillow
You are a little girl. You find an old but beautiful pillow in your attic. You love it and bring it back. You dream a lot after you start using it.

In your dream, you meet a girl who is about your age. Your pillow is also in your dream. It says that it can record dreams and play them to people who sleep on it later, and what you are dreaming is another girl’s dream. However, you are changing her dreams as well. And she might not be in the same time as you…

Possible choices:
You find the girl crying in her dream.
* Sit next to her and comfort her
* Sit next to her and give her your handkerchief without saying anything

2. The ice cube vampire
You are in the refrigerator. There is a huge ice cream next to you sleeping. You hear some one’s voice and you see brightness… You fall on the ground.

Eventually you find yourself melting. You start to feel the extreme thirst for cold. You come across a snow ball on the street. She says hi to you. But you cannot resist yourself and bite her. You suck the cold out of her and you see her melt in front of you. You sense yourself grow bigger. Finally you don’t feel thirsty anymore… but you are scared of yourself…

Possible choices:
You see a huge snow man across the street.
* Go bite him
* Ask him if he knows anything about your “disease”

  1. Pillow idea sounds super cool, there are definitely a lot of time travel rules that you can make or break in this story. I would also like to see the story build up to the revelation of the identity of the other girl. (5 dollars says it’s her mom)

  2. If the Pillow game branches out into a multitude of different people’s dreams, it may be very interesting. Just being able to play through a dream gives it a lot of interesting potential.

    The Ice Cube game seems very one-dimensional (you’re melting, you take advantage of another frozen thing, you prolong your life, the cycle repeats), and i’m not sure how compelling of a story it is. It’s interesting to think of melting as a “disease” though.

  3. Go for the pillow one. The revelation of who the girl is, if it happens, doesn’t really matter to me. I’m much more interested in developing this character and interweaving times. Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth is a comic that is really incredible about mixing the past and present in a dreamlike way. The lack of transitions is what really makes it work. You are thrown without warning into different times and different characters’ perspectives.

    You can always integrate the ice vampire story into a dream sequence. It has a lot of great potential to get horrifically sad.

  4. The first idea has a lot of promise; I like the idea of interacting with the ‘ghost’ of a person. It raises questions about what the point of influencing dream-characters like the little girl is, and whether you can influence her in the waking world through the dream.

    One interesting direction for this idea might be to replay your own dreams, over and over, so that you would enter an Inception-like scenario where you are inside many layers of your own dreams.

  5. I like the first one it is more interesting and i think you could do more with it rather than just bite things or choose to die

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