Robot Hockey update

Just a few small tweaks for all to see:

–made the bubbles a little prettier

–updated the ending scenes to both use the bubble system, and to use digital ink and color instead of my original plan of digital color on pencil for a sketchier style. I’m going to redo the start scene to match as well tomorrow, though I understand that update may be ungraded. Beginning also has an extra bubble explaining the texting system now. Since they’re using the bubble system, the cutscenes can now be stepped through with the x key as well (just like dismissing a message). I do want to go back and put in a Flash comic system for that at some point, but that point is not during the mad rush at the end of the semester, and the bubble system looks better than a haphazard scattering of stuff.

-finally got the dang robots to reverse when they hit things. It’s not a huge thing but it’ll add something when I get to making more levels, I think.

It’s been fun!

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