1. I was hoping to see the story revolving around ice melting aspect. Like, you could have a melting variable that put you in a time/move constraint and affect the course of the events.

  2. I like the writing for this game – some of the passages are very surreal, like when you ask if you are dying. I would’ve liked to get a clearer sense of the setting, either through description or some pictures.

    One small thing is that a couple of the pages don’t have links when it seems like they should, like when you talk to the Ice-Cream kids. There are also some spelling errors.

  3. It took me a while to work out who/what I was supposed to be playing as. Actually I’m still not sure what I was to start out with, but then I became the sea. Interesting.

    Seconding the thing about some passages missing links, though.

  4. The story was very quirky, and I like the idea that you could become a tiny piece of ice that eventually floats out into the ocean and becomes a giant glacier. The interaction with the human characters was pretty amusing as well. At points the writing felt a little stilted and awkward. I appreciated the amount of choice you offered the reader, though – seems like there are a lot of endings.

  5. I was frustrated at the choice to go east, west, or north, when the north link wasn’t there. I immediately got that I was an ice cube which was cool. Becoming a part of the fruit drink was neat, and becoming the sea was cool too.

  6. But yeah, mostly what Jessica said

  7. Your writing at the begin was strong; the events being described had a lack of clarity that made my mind picture something far from being an ice cube, and it drew me in. This was followed by the dialogues with Mr. Hungry Man or Ms Cheddar, giving it more of a cute-sie feeling. I feel like the story didn’t have a clear tone; and may be too linear in some parts (certain choices seem to have no effect on what happens next)

  8. I really liked following the story despite not exactly knowing what was going on. You revealed enough detailed to keep me intrigued even though I did not know the exact situation I was in. There was a good deal of satisfaction in finding out what I was and getting a sudden picture of what was happening. It was fun!

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