Character Design Proposals

1. Clown Minister

You are the manager of a big company from Europe who is trying to get into the market of ancient China during Ming Dynasty. The minister of foreign business receives you. He used to be a clown, and he still wears his clown makeup everyday because he wants to hide his emotion when communicating with people. Try to persuade him to allow your company get into the market.

(I’m also thinking about that he could be the minister of diplomacy.. But not sure about the story yet..)


2. Pistachio

You are about to eat a pistachio, and it starts to talk to you about human’s crime of killing all kinds of creatures.

3. Mom

You are a kid in an elementary school. Several days ago you got cheated by one of your classmates and your mom was really worried about you. However, you still believe in the good nature of human being. This morning another kid asks for your help, and your mom won’t let you help him. You and your mom would be trying to persuade each other in the conversation.

* By the way, if you have any different stories in your mind when you see the characters, please leave me a note. I’m interested to know. Thanks : )

  1. why is the first one a clown? is it relevant to the story in anyway, or is it just for interesting effect? Why are you trying to get into the market

    is the character a pistachio then? i don’t see the relevance of having aliens come to earth. also, how does this effect the humans

    the second image reminded me of an ear of corn

  2. The first idea is interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s meant to be serious or farcical. If it’s serious, I would do research on the period and attempt to make it as realistic as possible. If it’s farcical, learn about the stereotypes of the period and exaggerate them to give insight into the China’s social mores.

    I don’t know if the second idea is meant to be silly or serious either. What’s the reason you are a pistachio? Is this talking about race, and what do you want to say about it?

  3. For both of them I don’t see the relevance of there being a clown and there being a pistachio. At the same time though the first one could be interesting because the player might not be allowed to mention anything about him being a clown or he loses. That would be really difficult to not ask since it was the first question I asked when reading your idea.

    I just think I need to know more about why you chose your characters.

  4. From a strictly visual standpoint, I think the first character is much more fully developed and capable of emoting. Just like Alex said, I would look into the period a bit more. I’m not sure if there were clowns in that dynasty of China. You could definitely BS some history and it would work, I’m just not sure that I buy it right now that there’s this super important prime minister wears clown makeup.

  5. The first is a funny concept, trying to do business with an eccentric guy and trying to understand his personality in hopes of making the deal. Though the character design is great, nothing about its general concept strikes me as new. The second however I think is better. Instead of just trying to convince someone, you are competing against your mom with opposing goals and viewpoints on the subject. It seems you have to understand her to defeat her. More interesting!

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