Character Designs – Alex Lee

First Idea: You have become reacquainted with a girl from your childhood, now in her thirties. She is a singer and has achieved national success, but has not released an album in several years. She is on the brink of committing suicide and has come to you as a last-ditch effort to save herself. You can learn about the cause of her desperation, and attempt to talk her out of it, or allow her to continue. The character design is meant to express her state of mind.


Second Idea: You are a recent immigrant to an Eastern European town in the 16th century. You learn that the image of the Hellmouth, a Satanic icon, has spread throughout the continent. Some believe that by destroying the physical manifestation of the Hellmouth, located somewhere in the countryside, one can restore order to the turbulent monarchy. You meet a pair of strangers who are not human, who claim to be knowledgeable about the Hellmouth, and have a conversation with them in order to learn more about the nature of the Hellmouth and of Christianity.


(Speculative) Third Idea: You are a sadist and capture a girl from the street. You lock her in a box and threaten to bore a hole in her forehead if she doesn’t answer your questions. The ostensible goal in this game is to first get the girl to reveal information about her personal life (e.g. her beliefs, family, address, desires, etc.) and then to get her to renounce each of them, psychologically scarring her. You want her to degrade herself and reject her values. If she either goes into a complete mental breakdown, or stands up for herself and refuses to talk to you, then the game will end. The purpose of this game is to 1) explore a lopsided power relationship and to 2) make the player feel uncomfortable in the role of the protagonist, which may prompt them to deviate from the goal.

  1. love the design of the first one plus it reminds me of a music album cover. but in the game itself, what will the character look like, or is this what you had in mind.

    the third idea is amazing!! we’re so used to playing the hero that this is a nice contrast. I was uncomfortable just reading the description of it.

  2. I think the second idea has the most potential to be developed into an interesting visual story. By creating the lore of the Hellmouth, you put the player into a world where they can make no assumptions and have no choice but to explore what you create for them.

    That said, I feel like the first game has a greater potential to allow you to showcase your artistic style. My concern is that the focus of the game would go too much into the visuals and not enough into the interaction, but if you feel strongly about it I think it could be awesome.

  3. While I like all of your ideas, I think your speculative idea seems like the most well thought out and interesting. If your goal was to make players feel uncomfortable in their given role, then this would definitely achieve that. It’s also a very interesting way to learn about a character. Rather than discovering things through amicable conversation, you literally just force the answers out of the character. It’s very dark and I like it.

  4. All three ideas are really strong and I would love to play all of them. The third one would make me incredibly uncomfortable and I immediately felt more comfortable if I was the girl than the guy actually dominating this girl.

    The first one is also interesting but seems flatter than the second since the second has so much more to explore than the first. But at the same time I would have no idea where to go with the second one or why.

  5. Compared to idea 2 and 3, the first seems very linear (try to convince her not to kill herself, or allow her to).
    The sense of adventure and setting in idea 2 (Hellmouth) really pulls me in; even if the game isn’t a bout the actual adventure of trying to destroy the Hellmouth, the storytelling may be very interesting. What will be the choices given to the player? which questions to ask, how to phrase things etc? There seems to be a mystery behind these two non-humans, is there a goal of finding out more about them (could be really interesting)?
    I’m digging the psychological play in the third idea; trying to find out about someone and make them renounce what they stand for presents a certain challenge, and if done well can confront the player on what they themself believe in/think/know. I like the idea of making the player sabotage them self based on an undesirable sense of ‘winning’ the game.

  6. I find the 3rd idea most practical and most interesting (interesting != enjoyable). However the 2nd is my favorite. It has a very rich backdrop and an interesting mystery to solve. However what would the path to success entail? Deciding to talk to the right people or talking to people about the right things, or both? Any way you slice it it should be solid though!

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